5 dream feuds for MJF in WWE

Credit: All Elite Wrestling ¦ MJF stands over a bloody and beaten Cody Rhodes
Credit: All Elite Wrestling ¦ MJF stands over a bloody and beaten Cody Rhodes

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, popularly referred to as MJF, has cemented himself as a prominent and valued member of the AEW roster.

While there is so much for MJF to achieve in AEW, he has star power and prowess that would befit the main event scene of any top promotion.

A star with the qualities MJF possesses in the ring and on the mic will have a variety of suitors in WWE to establish classic feuds and moments of magic. MJF is a perpetual line stepper and, as a result, best suited to feuds where his counterpart has the chops to keep up with him.

Here are five WWE Superstars MJF will have dream matches within WWE.

5. The Miz vs. MJF: Two of the best talkers in the game face-to-face

The Miz Cashes in Successfully for His Second WWE Championship
The Miz Cashes in Successfully for His Second WWE Championship

What The Miz lacks in in-ring ability, he more than makes up for with his promo intensity. The Miz helped establish Talking Smack in 2016 as a point of interest for fans after lambasting Daniel Bryan for retiring when he could have returned to the independent scene.

His 2017 WrestleMania feud with John Cena delivered segment gold when he partnered with Maryse to parody Cena's real-life relationship with Nikki Bella at the time. And any time you place The Miz opposite Dolph Ziggler, sparks fly owing to sustained word-to-word intensity.

The 2016-17 iteration of The Miz was easily the best talker in WWE, furthering the tantalizing nature a feud with AEW's best talker possesses.

Miz could serve as the babyface in this feud, allowing MJF to play to his advantage as the savage egotist stood against a tenured veteran who had to earn respect among his peers. The natural and entitled versus the hard-working and underappreciated.

4. Kevin Owens vs. MJF: The Rock vs. Steve Austin for this era?

Kevin Owens Awaits His Next Fight on SmackDown Live
Kevin Owens Awaits His Next Fight on SmackDown Live

While it is beyond doubt that Kevin Owens can be the most dastardly and vindictive of heels–like when he battered his best friend Sami Zayn for the NXT Championship–we've seen Owens transform into a beloved babyface.

MJF, on the other hand, has risen through the ranks as a selfish guy who does what he does for the sake of proving that he's truly "better" than everyone else.

Their current characters sit well on opposite ends of the spectrum, drawing similarities to one of the greatest feuds in wrestling history, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock.

Owens has never been one to mince his words on the mic either, managing to deliver intensity, a brutal sense of honesty, and genuine hilarity.

A feud between Kevin Owens and MJF would be about the working man versus the self-titled egotist; a man who has scratched and clawed for every inch of progress in his life, and a man who has been gifted everything on a silver platter.

3. Sami Zayn vs. MJF: The perfect villain for babyface Sami Zayn?

Sami Zayn Takes Exception to Mick Foley's Comments
Sami Zayn Takes Exception to Mick Foley's Comments

Sami Zayn has been pure magic during his run as a heel. But what established Zayn as a star in wrestling was his work as the serial underdog, a man who would simply never give up on his way to the top.

Again, MJF lives by the exact opposite mantra, believing that he deserves it. Entitlement serves as the antithesis to working hard, furthering the hero/villain dynamic between MJF and Zayn.

Art imitates life and likewise, MJF vs. Sami Zayn would tell a story of a veteran who, like the previous entry, has scratched and clawed for every inch he has gained in the business, and the blue-chip prospect fast-tracked to the big leagues without having to endure the scrapes and set-backs his opponent suffered.

Zayn is one of the best storytellers on WWE and has shown that given the right narrative, he'll stage a dramatic and nailbiting performance befitting the feud in question. MJF can be the Lex Luthor to Sami Zayn's Superman.

2. John Cena vs. MJF: The most polarizing babyface vs. the most hated heel

John Cena Awaits his Showdown with the Tribal Chief
John Cena Awaits his Showdown with the Tribal Chief

Say what you will about John Cena, the man deserves his flowers at this point. Although he's been protected by WWE for the majority of his time with the company, Cena has justified his position at the top of the card.

Even those who look on with hatred acknowledge the on-the-spot and natural promos Cena churns out whenever he enters the building.

Part of what makes Cena untouchable on the mic is his ability to spin anything to his benefit, sliding sly references and layering his promos in a provocative way.

MJF, on the other hand, is raw brutality; if he thinks it, then he'll say it in the most dastardly way possible. Mic work aside, Cena has shown versatility in being able to put on well-worked matches with a variety of opponents.

Cena's back catalogue of classics highlights his ability to work with technicians, powerhouses, high-flyers or in-ring slime balls like MJF.

While some clamour for revered in-ring talents to "fight forever", if these two promo goliaths ever come to blows, the chant has to be "talk forever".

1. Roman Reigns vs. MJF: Acknowledge me vs. I'm simply better than you

Roman Reigns Engages in a War of Words with John Cena
Roman Reigns Engages in a War of Words with John Cena

Roman Reigns has defied the stigma that marred his character following the dissolution of the Shield in 2014. Until last year, Reigns was yet another example of WWE's idealistic view of a main event calibre star, where marketability takes precedent over ability.

Since returning at SummerSlam last year, Reign's character work has been immense, befitting someone who shares the same lineage as a name like The Rock.

Although a Reigns heel turn sat atop wrestling fans' wishlist ever since he uttered the words "sufferin succotash", absolutely no one could've predicted the metamorphosis that this generational talent would undergo.

Reigns has shown an ability to go toe-to-toe with the best on the mic and in the ring producing performances that've sown the seeds for a future transition to Hollywood, should that be of interest to the Head of the Table.

What tale then could we see told by an MJF feud, since all great feuds need a solid foundation? Reigns, unlike MJF, had to change the content of his character in order to be a top star. This means that there are character weaknesses that can be exposed, such as the fact that Reigns has not always remained truthful to himself.

He's either behind megastars like Cena and Hogan, or he's the grand patriarch of the Anoa'i wrestling dynasty. MJF and Reigns are in similar positions, but with enough difference between them to exploit the story.

While they both share an inflated ego, Reigns shares a passion for making sure he furthers the legacy of his bloodline with his family by his side. Whereas MJF is exploitative, seeking alliances only when he can reap the rewards and further his career.

The fact that they're so similar but still so different plays into the lucrative nature of any prospective feud between the two.

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