5 wrestlers AEW should push after Full-Gear

These 5 AEW wrestlers should be up for a big push after Full-Gear
These 5 AEW wrestlers should be up for a big push after Full-Gear
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AEW has proved they can make long-term storylines after we saw Adam Page pick up the win against Kenny Omega at Full Gear.

The feud began sometime around last year when the pair first broke up their tag team. Omega found fame and picked up the AEW World Championship, while Page seemed to sink lower and lower. Their paths would eventually meet as Page's popularity grew.

Following that captivating angle and the overall success of Full Gear, there are still a number of performers that need to receive strong pishes as the momentum of the company grows.

These wrestlers have had minimal screen time but are either currently held down by another wrestler, or likely learning from them. Their in-ring work and personas would only be enhanced if they received a monster push. The potential is there, and hopefully, AEW has something in the works for them too.

Of course, not every wrestler on this list has the star power to be on Page's level. The fact that AEW can invest in a wrestler has lifted morale backstage. The newer wrestlers and those working closely with other top stars for months will likely be the next to be pushed.

AEW has seemingly shifted to its next phase after Full-Gear, and will likely push new stars. These five wrestlers have shown us that they have all the potential to have massive matches at the next Full-Gear.

5. AEW could push Lee Moriarty

Lee Moriarty is one of the more recent signings at AEW and not someone most fans recognize. Despite this, he is quite the star on the Independent Circuit and has worked at a handful of other promotions.

He is also known for his special style of wrestling - "taiga style" - which the wrestler formed by combining his knowledge of other styles. Moriarty has had a fair amount of exposure in AEW so far but has only scratched the surface. As he's been learning, he's had to job out (lose) against a few wrestlers to prove his mettle.

Moriarty could do well with a big push. Tony Khan likely has this lined up and won't drop the young wrestler. Fans could use some exposure to his promos before this, as he's shown he's impressive in the ring.

Moriarty is currently paired with Matt Sydal and will hopefully get to work with him even more. Sydal might not be the best at promos, but Moriarty could be getting some training from another wrestler backstage.

He has a lot left to show AEW fans, and this will hopefully be one of AEW's biggest investments.

4. AEW should push Daniel Gracia

Since being signed by AEW, Daniel Garcia has probably had one of the best years of his life.

This year alone, he went toe-to-toe with none other than CM Punk and Darby Allin. The 23-year-old is a hard worker and will definitely shine once he gets the exposure he needs.

In both feuds he ended up ultimately losing, still proving his resiliency and just how technical he is. Garcia is still very young and only needs to be accompanied by one top AEW star.

He could end up having a run much like Randy Orton, who was 24 when he became WWE's youngest champion. Garcia is less than a year away from being 24, and we could be seeing the next big star earn his stripes in the ring.

Right now, Garcia is disliked by many fans for his tactics and for hanging around with 2.0. For him to gain momentum, he'll have to pick up some wins or change his gimmick.

Garcia has the potential to be one of the greatest technical wrestlers in history, and hopefully he'll achieve that in AEW.

3.Jamie Hayter will likely get pushed for a while with Britt Baker

Although Hayter only signed with AEW in August 2021, fans will remember her making her debut in 2019 already.

She lost to her now partner, Britt Baker, and ended up being attacked by Brandi Rhodes. This never went anywhere and Hayter soon found herself briefly at WWE and more independent promotions.

During her tenure outside of AEW, Hayter managed to pick up a handful of titles. Hayter's status as a multiple-time champion should show that she knows how to wear gold and prove herself. At the time of writing, Hayter is in the TBS tournament and could be crowned the inaugural TBS Champion.

Right now she hasn't had any personal feuds and has acted as the muscle and defense for Baker. Because of this, she hasn't had an opportunity to show her promo skills or personality too much. Hopefully her time with Baker will allow her to fine tune her in-ring work as well as her promo skills. Two things essential for a champion.

Hayter has a lot of time left in AEW to truly develop and make her mark. Baker is also the person who apparently urged Tony Khan to hire her. With someone like the AEW Women's Champion supporting her, AEW might just be investing a ton in the young wrestler.

2. AEW should begin legitimately pushing Private Party

Best finisher in the game and I ain’t even break a sweat 🤷🏽‍♂️#YoungLegends #AEWDark…

Private Party signed with AEW in 2019. Shortly after and during much of 2020 they were very prominent on television. This changed after they turned heel alongside Matt Hardy and have since become his attack dogs.

As much as being heel suits them, the duo are not given a chance to truly shine in the ring as they are capable of. Marq Quinn and Isaiah Cassidy are two of the best in-ring workers at AEW and deserve a push. The duo have not had a tag team match to advance their ranking in a very long time.

Quinn and Cassidy work well with Hardy, and for that reason they should stay. But the Hardy Family Office does very little other than advance Hardy's agenda. They should become a serious tag team once again and take shots at the champions and other big named tag teams.

Private Party could break away from Hardy as well, becoming babyfaces in the process. This would get the crowd behind them again, at the expense of the heel heat they've been accumilating with Hardy.

Regardless of how often they are seen on screen, Private Party is one of AEW's best tag teams, and deserves some more time in the spotlight.

1. Wardlow's singles push is long overdue

Wardlow spent a lot of time on the independent circuit before being picked up by AEW. By this time, he was very unknown and paired with MJF as his muscle.

Since then, the 6'3" monster has been MJF's personal bodyguard and most dependable ally. But the higher MJF has been reaching, the more seemingly frustrated Wardlow has been growing.

This is likely a long-term booking by AEW, but something fans would love to see sooner rather than later. Wardlow has all the makings to have a run that rivals that of Batista once he first broke away from Evolution.

Recently Wardlow has been visibly frustrated by MJF leaving him behind to take his beatings. This will hopefully foreshadow him eventually abandoning the Salt of the Earth.

Wardlow has shown that he can stand on his own and had some impressive match-ups while the Inner Circle faced the Pinnacle. His promo skills are the only thing he really needs to improve. Working under MJF's tutalage should have given him enough experience in that regard.

Turning on one of the biggest heels in AEW today will give Wardlow a massive push and could propel him into stardom.

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