Recent WWE releases: 5 Superstars AEW could sign and 5 they won't

Faden Cloete

4. AEW shouldn't sign: Nia Jax

AEW has quite the impressive roster, but it doesn't need a wrestler such as Nia Jax.

Jax was signed to WWE in early 2014 and debuted during 2015. She would wrestle various superstars in an attempt to make her seem dominating. Jax had a long winning streak and quickly began feuding with Bayley. Her tenure in NXT was relatively successful and she looked great.

Sometime in 2016 she was drafted to RAW, quickly picking up another winning streak against various other performers. She remained on RAW for the rest of her career with WWE, even winning the Raw Women's Championship and fighting Ronda Rousey.

Jax was poised to be a strong but feminine character. Unfortunately she would be released on November 4th, alongside many others.

Nia is unfortunately infamous for apparently being an "unsafe" worker. Injuring or nearly injuring those she wrestles. Jim Cornette has attributed the recorded incidents to her larger size and noted that she might not even know how strong she really is.

An unsafe wrestler is bad for any place, regardless if that's AEW or not. But this isn't the reason why Tony Khan shouldn't hire her.

Jax has unfortunately been suffering from mental illness for quite some time. And while there's nothing wrong with that, she needs time off to readjust her life. Jumping back into a stressful environment might not be the best idea and AEW should consider that.

4. AEW should sign: Taya Valkyrie

taya valkyrieEx Impact Knockout`s ChampionRoleplay not real 18+English/SpanishDog Owner

During her time with WWE, Taya went by the name Franky Monet. Taya debuted at WWE in April 2021. Her abrupt release came in November, meaning she was only signed for 7 months before being handed her pink slip. During this time Taya was not able to show half of her skill or character.

Fans will likely remember Taya much more for her successful IMPACT Wrestling run. Taya is still the longest reigning Knockouts Champion, at 377 days. Such a dominating, record-setting run means she's a legit competitor and the fact that WWE felt she had little to offer is confusing.

At AEW, Taya would be welcomed by familiar crowds and be able to reintroduce herself into the fastest growing wrestling promotion.

Taya is imposing enough to dominate the women's locker-room, while still being a fan favorite. She might even be a valid opponent to take the AEW Women's Championship from Britt Baker. Whatever matches Valkyrie might have left, it would be great to see the wrestler in AEW, as she still has so much left to give to fans.

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