AEW Battle of the Belts Results: Huge title change, Satnam Singh destroys current champion

Sammy Guevara hit Scorpio Sky with a low blow during their match
Sammy Guevara hit Scorpio Sky with a low blow during their match

AEW Battle of the Belts featured three title matches. The TNT Championship and the AEW Women's Championship were on the line, as well as the Ring of Honor World Championship. We got one title change on tonight's show, with a former champion reclaiming his title.

Read on for full AEW Battle of the Belts results:

Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Sammy Guevara (TNT Championship match)

Sammy Guevara charged at Scorpio Sky as the match began but Sky got the better of the opening exchange, raining down lefts and rights on Guevara. We had dueling, "Let's go Sammy, Sammy sucks" chants as Guevara made his comeback. Sammy leapfrogged Scorpio Sky twice before taking him down with a dropkick.

The match spilled out to ringside as Scorpio Sky sent Sammy throat-first into the steel barricade. Back from the commercial break, Sky laid into Sammy with a few vicious body shots and followed it up with a series of backbreakers.

Sammy hit back with an enzeguiri in a last gasp attempt to buy some time and then hit a Spanish Fly for a two-count. As Sammy headed to the top rope, Ethan Page came out and rolled Scorpio Sky out of the ring. Sammy wiped out both men at ringside with a Shooting Star Press.

We saw Tay Conti briefly get involved from ringside, which almost led to Sammy Guevara rolling Sky up for the win. Dan Lambert called out Paige VanZant, who laid into Tay Conti. Sammy Guevara used the distraction to hit Scorpio Sky with a low blow and he followed up with the GTH to win the TNT Championship for the third time.

Result: Sammy Guevara def. Scorpio Sky at AEW Battle of the Belts

Grade: A

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Dalton Castle (ROH World Championship match)

After an early back and forth, Dalton Castle rolled out of the ring to get some respite as he was fanned by the boys. Back in the ring, Castle with a nasty-looking Gutwrench Suplex.

He charged at Jonathan Gresham and caught him with a high boot. This was followed by a great sequence featuring some incredible athleticism from both men. Gresham took Castle down with a hurricanrana as we cut to commercial.

Gresham forced Dalton Castle out to ringside again as The Boys went to check on him. The ROH World Champion went for a dive over the top rope but Castle sidestepped him. Back in the ring, Castle hit an overhead throw and followed it up with a back suplex for a two-count.

Castle went for the Bangarang but Gresham rolled him out for a nearfall. Both men traded near falls but neither could finish the match. Castle wiped Gresham out with a clothesline but the latter replied by locking in the Octopus Hold and forcing the challenger to tap out.

Result: Jonathan Gresham def. Dalton Castle at AEW Battle of the Belts

Grade: B-

Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt came after the match, accompanied by Satnam Singh. Singh destroyed The Boys at ringside before swatting Dalton Castle away.

Lethal hit Gresham with the Lethal Injection after which Satnam Singh laid into the ROH World Champion. Samoa Joe's music hit and the ROH TV Champion cleared the heels off to make the save.

Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Nyla Rose (AEW Women's Championship match)

Nyla Rose attacked the AEW Women's Champion as she was making her entrance. The match immediately spilled out to ringside and Rose was in total control during the early stages of the match.

Back in the ring, Thunder Rosa tried to fight back but Nyla Rose overpowered the champion again. Rosa hit back with a series of clotheslines but couldn't get Rose down. Thunder Rosa then hit a Stunner to finally take the challenger down. The champion then headed to the top rope and launched herself out to ringside.

Back in the ring, Nyla Rose smashed the back of her heel into Thunder Rosa before setting her up on the top rope. Nyla then headed to the top rope but missed with the knee strike. The challenger went for the Beast Bomb but Thunder Rosa countered it into a Code Red. Nyla Rose kicked out and replied with a chokeslam.

Rose went for a senton on the apron but Rosa rolled out of the way. Nyla Rose went for the Beast Bomb again but Thunder Rosa rolled her up for the three count to retain the AEW Women's Championship.

Result: Thunder Rosa def. Nyla Rose at AEW Battle of the Belts

Grade: B

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Edited by Kaushik Das