AEW Dark: Elevation Results- Dark Order members fight each other, Joey Janela and new partner destroy popular babyface, WWE Legend main events

Dark Order members fought each other; Joey Janela and Kayla Rossi destroyed Sonny Kiss.
Dark Order members fought each other; Joey Janela and Kayla Rossi destroyed Sonny Kiss.

Welcome to the AEW Dark: Elevation results for the September 20, 2021 episode of the company's YouTube show.

This week's episode had nine advertised matches, with the show headlined by a grudge match between Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. The likes of Proud n Powerful and Private Party were involved in tag team matches, while Orange Cassidy, Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida were also in action.

Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss met in another grudge match after the Bad Boy betrayed his long-time friend a few weeks back.

Without any delay, let's jump into the results.

Thunder Rosa vs Kaia McKenna on AEW Dark: Elevation

Kaia McKenna made her AEW debut. Thunder Rosa kneed McKenna and took her down before locking her in an armbar. Rosa hit a couple of arm drags and a single leg dropkick. McKenna shoved the Unstoppable headfirst into the turnbuckle for a one count.

Rosa chopped McKenna in the corner and hit a double stomp on her opponent's chest and back. A Thunder Driver earned her the win in the AEW Dark: Elevation opener.

Result: Thunder Rosa def. Kaia McKenna

Grade: D

Anthony Bennett, Ray Jaz and Leon St. Giovanni vs Gunn Club on AEW Dark: Elevation

The Gunn Club attacked their opponents to start the match. They cornered Anthony Bennett and isolated him with quick tags.

Bennett fought off all three members and tagged in Giovanni, who hit a stunning crossbody on Austin Gunn. Billy Gunn interrupted his attack, and Colton Gunn hit the Colt 45 neckbreaker for the win.

Result: Gunn Club def. Anthony Bennett, Ray Jaz and Leon St. Giovanni

Grade: D

Alan Angels and 10 vs Colt Cabana and Evil Uno on AEW Dark: Elevation

Colt Cabana and Alan Angels got us underway with a tie-up. Angels hit a dropkick and asked Colt to tag Evil Uno in. Uno tagged in and 5 clubbed him with forearms before Cabana broke them up. Angels hit a suicide dive and tagged in 10 who shoved Evil Uno.

5 and 10 combined to drop Evil Uno with a dropkick-fallaway slam combo. Cabana tagged in and hit a suplex on 5 for a two-count. Uno tagged back in and chopped 5, who tried to fight off his opponents and tagged in 10. Evil Uno begged 10 to not strike him, but 10 hit a couple of lariats and a pump kick.

10 fought off Colt Cabana and hit a spinebuster on Evil Uno. 10 hit a spear on the self-proclaimed leader of Dark Order through the ropes.

All four men started fighting as Evil Uno unmasked Alan Angels. Angels rolled up Evil Uno to pick up an unlikely win.

.@Alan_V_Angels’ mask comes off and it fuels him to score the pin on @EvilUno! But things still don’t seem right in #DarkOrder - Watch NOW:

Result: Alan '5' Angels and 10 def. Evil Uno and Colt Cabana

Grade: B-

Mike Verna vs Orange Cassidy on AEW Dark: Elevation

Orange Cassidy started the match with a shotgun dropkick and hit the Orange Punch for the fastest win on this episode of AEW Dark: Elevation.

Result: Orange Cassidy def. Mike Verna

Grade: D

Private Party vs Teddy Goodz and Jorge Santi on AEW Dark: Elevation

Marq Quen and Jorge Santi started the match, and the former immediately hit a hurricanrana. Kassidy tagged in and unloaded on Santi in the corner. Jorge moved out of a corner splash and tagged in Teddy.

Private Party hit several double team moves and finished the match with Gin and Juice.

Result: Private Party def. Teddy Goodz and Jorge Santi

Grade: C-

Masha Slamovich vs Hikaru Shida on AEW Dark: Elevation

Masha Slamovich clubbed Hikaru Shida, but the former Women's Champion dropkicked Slamovich. The Russian hit a gutwrench suplex for a two-count. Shida tried to fight out and hit a hurricanrana.

The Japanese star hit a Running Knee and a Vertical Suplex for a nearfall. Slamovich hit hard rights and a snapdragon suplex for a nearfall. Shida hit a Dominator and hit the Katana for the win.

Result: Hikaru Shida def. Masha Slamovich

Grade: B-

Sonny Kiss vs Joey Janela on AEW Dark: Elevation

This one is personal! Former friends and tag team partners @SonnyKissXO and @JANELABABY w/ @kaylarossi_ battle on #AEWDarkElevation - Tune in:

Sonny Kiss started the AEW Dark: Elevation match by unloading on Joey Janela. Janela rolled out to the outside but Kiss hit a top rope moonsault.

Kayla Rossi hit a spear on Kiss as Janela got a brainbuster on the outside. Joey Janela was busted open at this point. Janela hit a thrust kick to stem Sonny's momentum.

Kiss hit Gorilla Press Slam on Janela but Joey retaliated with an Eastern lariat. Janela missed a top rope senton on the ring apron and Kiss hit a suicide dive into a DDT on the outside. Joey got a Spanish fly but Kiss kicked out at two. Janela hit two back-to-back piledrivers but Sonny Kiss still kicked out.

Janela went to the top rope for a flying elbow but Kiss countered it into a rollup for the win. Rossi attacked Kiss after the match and Joey Janela finished his former partner off with a chair.

Result: Joey Janela def. Sonny Kiss

Grade: B

Santana and Ortiz vs Avery Good and JT Dunn on AEW Dark: Elevation

Ortiz and Dunn started the match as Ortiz hit a quick dropkick before tagging in Santana. Proud n Powerful hit a ton of double team moves as they tagged each other in and out. Ortiz hit a powerbomb on Dunn as Santana hit a vicious knee for the win.

Result: Santana and Ortiz def. Avery Good and JT Dunn

Grade: C

QT Marshall vs Dustin Rhodes on AEW Dark: Elevation

Paul Wight left the AEW Dark: Elevation commentary booth for a while before re-coming back in time for the main event.

Dustin Rhodes clotheslined QT Marshall, but Marshall rolled out. The Natural went after Marshall and shoved him back inside the ring.

A distraction from Aaron Solow allowed Marshall to get the momentum, and he floored Dustin with a dropkick for a two-count.

Solow managed to get a strike on Dustin Rhodes while QT Marshall distracted the referee. The Factory Leader locked in the twisted neck hold and hit a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall. Marshall went for the diamond cutter, but Rhodes countered it into a reverse DDT.

Rhodes went to the top rope, but Marshall hit an enziguiri and hit a superplex nearfall. Dustin hit the Code Red for another close call, and both men traded blows in the centre of the ring. The former Goldust hit a bulldog, the Natural Knee and the Final Reckoning for the win.

Result: Dustin Rhodes def. QT Marshall

Grade: B-


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