AEW Dark: Elevation Results- Former WWE star pushed to the limit, former champion extends singles unbeaten streak to 334 days

There were seven matches on Elevation.
There were seven matches on Elevation.
Uday Maggon

Welcome to the results for AEW Dark: Elevation episode 49. Tonight's show featured the usual seven matches.

Unlike previous weeks, the star power wasn't as strong, but some matches were great. Bobby Fish was pushed to the limit in the opener by the debuting Robert Anthony. A WWE legend's son picked up a huge victory in an eight-man tag team bout in the semi-main event.

Without any delay, let's jump into the results.

Bobby Fish vs. Robert Anthony on AEW Dark: Elevation

It’s Monday Night and you know what that means! A brand new episode of #AEWDarkElevation is premiering on our official @YouTube channel and we are kicking things off with @thebobbyfish!Don’t miss any of the action! ▶️

Bobby Fish went for a waistlock straight away. Both men grappled as the former NXT star rolled outside, where Robert Anthony chopped him. He hit an elevated dropkick and continued to strike Fish with his forearm. Anthony hit a huge vertical suplex but only got a one-count.

Bobby Fish fought back with strikes and kicks of his own, but Anthony didn't give in. The former hit a leg whip into the turnbuckle. He hit a low lariat, kicked Robert in the midsection, and hit a suplex nearfall.

Fish applied a sleeper hold, but Anthony backed him into the turnbuckle to escape. The former MLW star hit an exploder suplex and a roundhouse kick to win. Bobby Fish remained unbeaten in AEW in 2022.

Result: Bobby Fish def. Robert Anthony

Grade: B+

Skye Blue, Queen Aminata and Heather Reckless vs. Diamante, The Bunny and Emi Sakura on AEW Dark: Elevation

Up next we have women’s trios action on #AEWDarkElevation with Chicago’s own @Skyebyee teaming up with @amisylle/@Heathereckless to take on the team of @DiamanteLAX/@alliewrestling/@EmiSakura_gtmv!Head on over to our official YouTube channel right now! ▶️

Diamante and Skye Blue started this six-woman tag team match. The latter went for quick strikes and took her opponent down before flooring her with a superkick.

Heather Reckless tagged in, but Diamante tossed her with a belly-to-belly suplex. Emi Sakura tagged in and went for her chops and corner crossbody.

The Japanese star hit a backbreaker, causing Blue to interfere. Sakura locked her and Reckless in a leg hold before tagging in The Bunny. The match broke down as all six women battled in the ring. The Bunny eventually got the pin.

Result: Diamante, The Bunny, and Emi Sakura def. Skye Blue, Queen Aminata, and Heather Reckless

Grade: C

Scorpio Sky vs. Stephen Wolf on AEW Dark: Elevation

334 days without a singles loss. They had to cheese the top 5 to deny me what I’m owed. I’m on another level boy! #AEWDarkElevation

Stephen Wolf debuted on AEW as he locked up with Scorpio Sky. The former tag team champion hit a shoulder tackle and stomped on his opponent's head. The latter hit an uppercut in the corner and hit a backbreaker.

The Men of the Year member dropped an elbow on the back of the debutant's head and locked in a chin lock. Wolf tried to fight back with an arm drag and a dropkick. Scorpio Sky countered with a pump kick and hit the TKO cutter to win.

Result: Scorpio Sky def. Stephen Wolf

Grade: B

Julia Hart vs. Arie Alexander on AEW Dark: Elevation

The #VarsityBlonds @thejuliahart is in action up next on #AEWDarkElevation!Head on over to our official YouTube channel right now! ▶️

Arie Alexander made her AEW debut and started with vicious kicks. Julia Hart fired back with quick kicks and strikes in the corner.

The Varsity Blondes member hit a scorpion kick and followed it up with a moonsault. She hit a running elbow in the corner and hit a running bulldog before making Alexander tap out.

Result: Julia Hart def. Arie Alexander

Grade: C

Dante Martin vs. Aaron Solo on AEW Dark: Elevation

Dante Martin started with a headlock on Aaron Solo, and a shoulder tackle followed with an arm drag. Both men dodged each other's offense, and Solo got in the headlock this time.

Nick Comoroto distracted the Human Highlight Reel allowing Solo to take control. Dante Martin tossed him over the top turnbuckle and fought back, but Comoroto came up on the apron as Solo hit a spinning enziguiri for a nearfall. Dante Martin got out of the way of a shoulder block and hit a moonsault for the win.

Result: Dante Martin def. Aaron Solo

Grade: C+

Gunn Club and The Acclaimed vs. Lee Moriarty, Lee Johnson, Brock Anderson, and Matt Sydal on AEW Dark: Elevation

Epic 8-man tag team action up next on #AEWDarkElevation! #NightmareFamily’s @BAndersonAEW & @BigShottyLee team up with @MattSydal & @theLeeMoriarty and make their way to the ring!Don’t miss it! ▶️

Matt Sydal and Anthony Bowens started the match as Sydal immediately went for a package cover and hit a heel kick.

Lee Moriarty tagged in as Bowens tagged in Max Caster. Moriarty and Sydal fought off the Acclaimed. Austin Gunn and Brock Anderson tagged into a battle of the second-generation stars.

Gunn Club and The Acclaimed vs. Lee Moriarty, Lee Johnson, Brock Anderson, and Matt Sydal on AEW Dark: Elevation (contd.)

Constant chaos in this wild 8-man tag match, with each team trading attack after attack, but in the final moments, it was a sneaky boom box strike to the head of @BigShottyLee by the #GunnClub to steal the win here at #AEWDarkElevation!Main Event next! ▶️

Continuing with the eight-man tag team match on AEW Dark: Elevation, Colten Gunn tagged in and went after Lee Moriarty. The heels maintained control by cutting the ring in half. Lee Moriarty got the hot tag in on Lee Johnson and took out everyone in sight.

Anthony Bowens kicked Johnson when he was perched on the top rope. Sydal took him out, but Colten Gunn attacked the former WWE star. All eight men fought at different points in the ring as Austin Gunn rolled up Lee Johnson for the win.

Result: Gunn Club and The Acclaimed def. Lee Moriarty, Lee Johnson, Brock Anderson, and Matt Sydal

Grade: B

Chaos Project vs. Best Friends on AEW Dark: Elevation

The #ChaosProject’s unconventional strategies for attack gave the #BestFriends quite the challenge to overcome in the main event of #AEWDarkElevation & in the end were able to coordinate in order to score the victory to cap off a great night of action!▶️

Luther and Chuck Taylor started the AEW Dark: Elevation main event. The latter hit a dropkick as Serpentico tagged in. Trent Beretta and Taylor fought to ground Serpentico as Trent struck his opponent with forearm shots and a suplex.

Trent hit a tornado DDT, but Serpentico lured him into a superkick. Luther tagged in and hit a side slam before tossing Serpentico onto Trent off the top rope.

The heels continued to dominate as Trent finally got a hot tag to Taylor. He hit a spinning powerbomb on Serpentico, and Luther was forced to break up the pin attempt. Trent and Chuck combined to deliver a Death Valley driver for the win.

Result: Best Friends def. Chaos Project

Grade: B

Edited by Angana Roy


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