AEW Dark: Elevation Results, Grades & Highlights: WWE Legend pays tribute to Triple H's group, popular team given massive offer (11 April, 2022)

Elevation presented its 58th episode on Monday.
Elevation presented its 58th episode on Monday.
Uday Maggon

Welcome to the results for the 58th edition of AEW Dark: Elevation. This week's episode featured six matches.

A former WWE Attitude Era star made a gesture, calling back to the iconic group DX. Dark Order emerged victorious in a huge 10-man match, and Diamante defeated her rival. Without any delay., let's jump into the results.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Teddy Goodz on AEW Dark: Elevation

The signature submission of @FrankieKazarian gets it done here at #AEWDarkElevation! Head over to our YouTube channel to catch all the action: ▶️

Frankie Kazarian hit a shoulder tackle and put a side headlock on. He hit an arm drag and put in a handlock. The former Elite Hunter hit a huge lariat and dumped Teddy out of the ring.

Goodz got some offense in, but Kazarian finished the match with the Chickenwing.

Result: Frankie Kazarian def. Teddy Goodz

Grade: B-

Diamante vs Ashley D’Amboise on AEW Dark: Elevation

After their fallout from last week's tag match, the tensions between @DiamanteLAX & @Ashley_DAmboise were high. Diamante did not waste any time in taking the fight to D'Amboise, and locked in a brutal submission to claim the win at #AEWDarkElevation! ▶️

The two teamed up last week but imploded, resulting in this match. Ashley started fast and hit a dropkick, but Diamante kicked out at one. Diamante hit a baseball dropkick with Ashley on the apron.

In the ring, Diamante hit a couple of German suplexes and finished the match with a sideway abdominal stretch.

Result: Diamante def. Ashley D'Amboise

Grade: C+

Gunn Club and Chaos Project vs. Dark Order on AEW Dark: Elevation

Now @RealBillyGunn gets sent out of the ring! Tune in to #AEWDarkElevation right here! ▶️

The Gunn worked together to take on Alan Angels, but the latter tagged in Alex Reynolds. Billy Gunn stepped in to take them down as the heels took control.

Billy Gunn made the 'Suck It' gesture, allowing Reynolds to tag in John Silver, who took everyone out on the opposition team. Each member from both teams took turns to hit their moves inside the ring before the Dark Order pinned Serpentico.

Result: Dark Order def. Gunn Club and Chaos Project

Grade: B+

Skye Blue, Anna Jay and Ruby Soho vs. The Bunny, Emi Sakura, and LuFisto on AEW Dark: Elevation

The disrespect! @EmiSakura_gtmv goes for the pin but @Skyebyee intercepts! Watch #AEWDarkElevation right here: ▶️

LuFisto and Skye Blue got the match underway as the latter hit a high knee before Ruby Soho tagged in. The Bunny hit a cheap shot, and LuFisto hit a lariat. Emi Sakura tagged in and hit a corner crossbody.

The Bunny tagged in and clubbed Ruby in the head. Anna Jay got the hot tag as the babyfaces got the momentum and picked up the win.

Result: Skye Blue, Anna Jay, and Ruby Soho def. The Bunny, Emi Sakura and LuFisto

Grade: F

Penta Oscuro vs. Jora Johl on AEW Dark: Elevation

And @PENTAELZEROM destroys the shoulder of @jorajohl to get the win in devastating fashion tonight on #AEWDarkElevation! Don't miss another minute of the action:▶️

Penta hit a thrust kick, but Jora Johl responded with a thrust kick of his own. Johl chopped Penta in the corner before Penta hit chops of his own. The former tag team champion hit a hurricanrana before Johl hit a knee lift.

He hit a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Penta hit a couple of sling blades before dropping Jora with a backstabber. Penta snapped his opponent's arm for the win.

Result: Penta Oscuro def. Jora Johl

Grade: B

Top Flight vs. The Factory on AEW Dark: Elevation

QT Marshall offered Top Flight admission into The Factory at half price. Top Flight attacked the Factory in response, but Nick Comoroto took them down. Dante Martin tried to fight him, but Aaron Solo interfered as the heels took control. Darius got the hot tag and dropped Solo with lariats. He hit a top rope crossbody for a nearfall.

Dante Martin made a blind tag and hit a senton, but Comoroto broke up the pin attempt. The Factory double-teamed on Darius, but Dante broke up the pin this time. Top Flight combined to finish off Solo.

Result: Top Flight def. The Factory

Grade: A

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Edited by Angana Roy


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