AEW Dark Results - Former WWE star almost pulls off upset in the main event, Wardlow's match, and more (12th October 2021)

Wardlow and Evil Uno competed on this week's AEW Dark.
Wardlow and Evil Uno competed on this week's AEW Dark.
Lennard Surrao

Despite having only four advertised matches, this week's AEW Dark card was headlined by fan favorites, making it a worthwhile episode.

As always, Excalibur and Taz welcomed viewers and fans before the first match of the evening from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

"Captain" Shawn Dean vs. Andrew Lockhart on AEW Dark

We are getting right into the action on #AEWDark with The Captain @ShawnDean773 - Tune in NOW:

Shawn Dean got a solid reception from the small crowd as the commentators spoke about the Captain's rise in AEW.

Both men locked up in a collar and elbow tie-up to start the match. Dean got the upper hand with a few arm drags, followed by a perfect dropkick that sent Lockhart to the ringside area.

Shawn Dean attempted a tope off the ropes but got cut off midway by a right-hand strike from Andrew Lockhart.

Lockhart began dominating the match with an attack in the corner, followed by a snapmare and elbow drop. He got a one-count for his efforts.

Dean fought back with a couple of chops and clotheslines before landing a high commonguri. The Captain showcased his power with a stiff back body drop. Shawn screamed "Hit Em With The Deal" before running towards the ropes and delivering a Rock-inspired elbow drop.

Dean hit Lockhart with a kick to the midsection, followed by a neat backbreaker for the three-count.

Result: "Captain" Shawn Dean def. Andrew Lockhart on AEW Dark

Grade: B+

Strong and impressive showing by The Captain @ShawnDean773 - Tune in to #AEWDark NOW:

Ashley D'Amboise vs. KiLynn King on AEW Dark

Action in the #AEW women’s division is up next on #AEWDark with @KiLynnKing taking on @Ashley_DAmboise - Tune in NOW:

KiLynn King interacted with the crowd on her way to the ring for her singles match against Ashley D'Amboise. Ashley is yet to pick up a win in AEW despite having nine matches in the company.

King got the better of the early exchanges owing to her power, but D'Amboise tried to keep up. KiLynn maintained control in the side headlock position and popped the crowd with a stalling vertical suplex. The delay on the suplex was perfect!

D'Amboise, however, wasn't backing down without a fight as she hammered King with a series of nasty elbow strikes. Ashley briefly took her eyes off King, and KiLynn seized the opportunity by sneaking in a few punches.

D'Amboise fought fire with fire by delivering a swinging neckbreaker for a two-count. King reversed the Irish whip, followed by a running boot to the side of D'Amboise's head.

She came through with a big overhand right, a hammer throw in the corner and four machine-gun-like back elbows to D'Amboise.

King connected with a round kick and finally planted D'Amboise into the mat with her Kingdom Falls finisher for the win.

Result: KiLynn King def. Ashley D'Amboise on AEW Dark

Grade: B+

Wardlow vs. Darian Bengston on AEW Dark

Representing #ThePinnacle, @realwardlow is ready to bring some mayhem to #AEWDark - Tune in NOW:

Wardlow no-sold Darian Bengston's leg kicks but found it challenging to get a hold of his opponent.

Bengston's evasive movements and complimentary kicks got him success early in the match before Wardlow bull-rushed him into the corner. Wardlow shoved his shoulder into Darian's guts as Taz put him over in commentary as a true blue-chip athlete.

Bengston missed a top-rope move and landed awkwardly on the mat. Wardlow proceeded to pick up his wobbly opponent and drop him back down with a vicious powerbomb.

Wardlow delivered another powerbomb, which was just a precursor to his finisher, the F10.

Result: Wardlow def. Darian Bengston on AEW Dark on AEW Dark

Grade: C

AEW Dark Main Event: Dark Order's Evil Uno (w/ Colt Cabana) vs. Anthony Greene

Our main event on #AEWDark is next. #DarkOrder's @EvilUno goes one-on-one with @alternative_ag - Tune in NOW:

Anthony Greene was one of many WWE NXT stars released in June earlier this year, and this was his third match in AEW.

Greene and Uno engaged in a collar and elbow tie-up before hitting the ropes. Uno got Greene down with a shoulder tackle, followed by a Manhattan drop and a big chop across the chest.

Greene responded with a brilliant step-up hurricanrana. He got a two-count after a bulldog, which came out of a reversal in the corner. Evil Uno, though, caught Anthony's kick and placed his right leg in the referee's hands. The Dark Order member then delivered a neckbreaker and got an 'Uno' chant from fans in attendance for his unique and creative offense.

Evil Uno chopped a hole in Greene's chest, and the fans loved the brutality of the strikes. Uno was relentless as he stunned the former NXT star with an aggressive hammer throw.

Uno stomped Anthony's hands and followed it with a simple yet effective suplex. 'Let's go, Uno' chants echoed at the Universal Studios as Greene began to make his comeback. Uno snapped his right hand into Greene's face, but Anthony used his agility to get a two-count off a crossbody.

Greene flew off the ropes for another crossbody that still wasn't enough to get him the win. He continued the onslaught of punches, but Uno returned with a running boot and a brutal backbreaker.

Greene kicked out of the subsequent pinfall at two and showed great heart and determination to stay in the match. He almost pulled off an upset with a roll-over pinfall, but Uno kicked out.

The former WWE star meant business as he got a near fall from a modified crucifix bomb on Evil Uno. Greene wasn't willing to give Uno any breathing room as he came right back with a thrust kick.

Anthony went up to the top turnbuckle, but Uno stopped him. The Dark Order veteran pointed to the sky and looked for a suplex, but Greene punched him down to the mat.

Greene attempted another crossbody but missed this time and ate a pump kick from Uno, who finished the main event with his 'Something Evil' finisher.

Result: Dark Order's Evil Uno def. Anthony Greene on AEW Dark

Grade: A

It wasn't easy, but @EvilUno picks up the win against @alternative_ag on #AEWDark


A surprisingly high-quality main event capped off an unusually brief episode of AEW Dark, which you can check out above in its entirety.

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