AEW Dark Results: Top heel has pants pulled down, Big win for former WWE Superstars

QT Marshall had his pants pulled by Negative One
QT Marshall had his pants pulled by Negative One

This week's episode of AEW Dark had a number of stars on the card including Lancer Archer, Sonny Kiss, QT Marshall and members of The Dark Order. The main event saw QT's boys Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo take on The Dark Order's Alan Angels and 10.

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Ryan Nemeth vs Chandler Hopkins

The #HollywoodHunk @ryrynemnem captures the win over the returning @TheYoungGun_CH in a competitive opening bout tonight on #AEWDark!Tune in right here for more Dark action: ▶️

AEW Dark kicked off with the 'Hollywood Hunk' Ryan Nemeth taking on Chandler Hopkins. Nemeth dominated the the match from the bell, taking Hopkins down before forcing him back into the corner and hitting a series of shoulder charges.

Nemeth followed it up with a series of knee strikes to the midsection but got overconfident and Hopkins hit back with an enzeguiri followed by a Falcon Arrow for a two-count. Hopkins headed to the top rope and went for a Shooting Star Press but missed. Nemeth capitalized, hitting a neck breaker for the win to kick off AEW Dark.

Ryan Nemeth def. Chandler Hopkins

Sonny Kiss vs JP Harlow

A huge axe kick gives @SonnyKissXO the road to an impressive victory over @JPHARLOW_2 here on #AEWDark tonight! Head over to our YouTube channel to watch it all: ▶️

Harlow and Kiss went for a lock up to start the match. Harlow ended up booting Kiss in the mid-section followed by a right hand. Harlow then mocked Sonny Kiss and then ended up eating a suplex. Kiss set Harlow up in the corner and hit an Axe Kick and that was enough to end the match.

Sonny Kiss def. JP Harlow

Abadon vs Hyena Hera

The Black Dahlia by the #LivingDeadGirl @Abadon_AEW signals the end for @HyenaHera tonight on #AEWDark!Catch all the action over on our YouTube channel right now!▶️

Hera started with a couple of low kicks which didn't affect Abadon. She raked Abadon across the face instead. Abadon recovered and planted Hera in the middle of the ring and followed it up with a back elbow and then a senton. Hera was pretty much done at this stage and Abadon finished her off with the Black Dahlia for the three count.

Abadon def. Hyena Hera

Tiger Ruas and Cezar Bononi vs Luke Sampson and Guillermo Rosas

Former WWE NXT stars Tiger Ruas and Cezar Bononi were in action next on AEW Dark. Tiger Ruas and Guillermo Rosas started the match off for their respective teams. Ruas took Rosas down with a Firemarn's Carry and tagged Bononi in.

Sampson had Bononi in a headlock but ate a big boot. Ruas tagged in again and they hit another double team combo. Sampson landed elbows on the Brazilian duo and tagged Rosas in. Ruas and Bononi cut off the counter-attack. Bononi then hit Rosas with a Pumphandle Suplex before Ruas made the cover for the win.

Tiger Ruas and Cezar Bononi def. Luke Sampson and Guillermo Rosas

Lance Archer vs Dean Alexander

Crushing skulls and souls, the #MurderHawkMonster @lancehoyt claims another victim in @DeanAlexanderNF and another victory here on #AEWDark!Main event up next! Watch it all on our YouTube channel: ▶️

Dean Alexander laid into Lance Archer with right hands before the bell rang. It just made the big man angry and he flattened Alexander with a crossbody. Archer urged Alexander to hit him and he obliged but it didn't have much effect on the former AEW World Championship contender. Archer then slapped Alexander across the chest followed by running elbow strikes in the corner.

The Murderhawk Monster went to finish Dean Alexander off with a chokeslam but Alexander hit back with right hands. Archer hit the Hellacoaster instead and followed it up with The Blackout. Instead of pinning Alexander, Archer drove the back of his head into the mat with the EBD claw before finally going the pinfall.

Lance Archer def. Dean Alexander

Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto (w/ QT Marshall) vs Alan Angels and 10 (w/ Negative One) - AEW Dark main event

Negative One with the assist tonight on #AEWDark!▶️

The main event of AEW Dark saw members of The Dark Order take on members of The Factory. Alan Angels hit Aaron Solo with a dive as The Dark Order members made their entrance. Angels then hit Nick Comoroto with a superkick and then along with 10, sent Comoroto crashing into the steel steps.

10 tagged in planted Solo in the middle of the ring as Angels heaaded to the top rope and hit a flying dropkick. 10 was all over Arron Solo, forcing him to tag out. Nick Comoroto tagged in and laid into 10 with right hands and chops.

10 replied with a clothesline in the corner as Angels tagged in. Angels dived off the top rope but Comoroto caught him. 10 booted Cormoroto in the face taking him down. Meanwhile, 10 pulled QT down from the apron and took him out as the referee's back was turned.

The match went back and forth between both teams with Angels surviving a cheapshot from QT Marshall followed by a Spear from Nick Comoroto. QT Marshall then took off his belt and got on the apron. Negative One pulled QT's pants down as 10 hit him with a Spear at ringside.

Comoroto then hit his own partner with a boot by mistake. 10 quickly put Solo in the Full Nelson and forced him to tap out and close AEW Dark.

Alan Angels and 10 def. Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo

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