"Make a miracle happen" - AEW star provides injury update after match with Adam Cole

Adam Cole at AEW Revolution 2022
Adam Cole at AEW Revolution 2022

AEW star Jake Atlas has provided an update on his health after he sustained an injury against top star Adam Cole at the beginning of 2022. Despite suffering a torn ACL, Atlas is doing everything he can to, in his words, "make a miracle happen."

Atlas suffered the injury during his match with Cole on the January 7th 2022 edition of AEW Rampage, just a few days after the former NXT star signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Speaking on the Highspots Wrestling Network's "Sign it Live" virtual signing, Atlas gave an update about his recovery. He also recalled the end of the match and looked back on how the injury happened.

"...I was trying to be positive [after the injury], but when the match aired and I saw it for myself, I was like, okay, this is something that may be a little bit off," said Atlas. "And then got the MRI done and unfortunately, it was a torn ACL. So that is quite a bit of recovery time as a lot of people know. It’s like nine months. I’m trying my best to see if I can work, make a miracle happen." (H/T POST Wrestling)

It's currently unclear how long Atlas' injury will keep him on the shelf.

Is it difficult to have a bad match with Adam Cole?

During the virtual signing, Atlas was asked what went through his mind when it was announced that he would be facing Adam Cole, a former NXT Champion. Atlas stated that he was looking forward to it, given his opponent's track record of having great matches.

"When I found out about the match and backstage, everyone would be like, ‘Who you wrestling today?’ ‘Oh, Adam Cole.’ ‘Oh!’ They all know," Atlas continued. "If it’s a bad match, that’s on you. It’s not on him. But that’s a lot of pressure because it’s like oh my God. But he was — I enjoyed it and he’s a stand-up guy. I have nothing — I think he’s, in my opinion, probably the best wrestler in the world right now. That is a huge statement but I think he’s — he did a lot of great stuff in NXT and he’s gotten himself over and he’s — I mean he’s phenomenal. I don’t… what’s the saying? There’s a saying that just… he backs up whatever he says." (H/T POST Wrestling).

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