How old is AEW wrestler Sting?

'The Icon' Sting performing in WWE
'The Icon' Sting performing in WWE
Danny Wolstanholme

'The Icon' Sting was born on March 20, 1959, and is currently 62 years old. Sting made his pro-wrestling debut in November 1985. He's still competing today performing for All Elite Wrestling.

The WWE Hall of Famer made his name in the United States, particularly during his run with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the 90's.

#OnThisDay in 1994: WCW Fall Brawl: Sting hits Vader with an awesome German Suplex.

Sting has had a storied career, being a six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and a four-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion. It wasn't until 2014 that he made his first-ever appearance for WWE. The Icon competed against Triple H at WrestleMania and was eventually inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE's use of the Sting character grew less, and ultimately his contract expired. He signed with AEW in 2020, and returned to the ring following a near career-ending injury suffered whilst in WWE facing Seth Rollins.

His first match in AEW was at the Revolution pay-per-view in 2021, and was contested as a cinematic street fight. Sting discussed his return match with Bleacher Report:

"After five-and-a-half years of not being in a ring, there was some rust on me, for sure, especially with guys in the ring like Darby, Ricky Starks and Brian Cage. These guys are incredible. Tony Khan asked me if I wanted a ring sent to my house and thankfully, I have a barn that is insulated with climate control. We put the ring in there, and I had to get used to running the ropes again, and it was an eye-opener for me. It was a challenge. I didn't recover as quick as I used to. It was grueling. I had a lot of work to get my cardio ready to go and get into good physical condition. It was tougher than it's ever been but I got there." Sting said (h/t Bleacher Report)

Is Sting the oldest wrestler on the AEW roster?

AEW do the party match so well. This was perfect in that it was fun to watch, got the fans behind the faces & had a great finishAll the kudos to Sting for going like this in his 60s & FTR for doing their role perfectly & making the faces look amazing

Sting is the oldest wrestler to compete on the AEW roster. At the age of 62, he's still making memories for his fans all around the world.

The oldest behind The Icon is Luther, who is ten years younger than Sting at 52. Dustin Rhodes is next at 51, followed by Christopher Daniels and Chris Jericho, who are both 50.

How long Sting will continue to wrestle remains to be seen. We're delighted to still see him wrestle and give back to the business; especially for the young stars on AEW.

Find out the real reason why Sting came to WWE only to lose his debut match right here.

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