"The responsibility rests on him." - Jim Cornette blasts Tony Khan for young AEW star taking a gruesome bump on Rampage: Grand Slam

Jim Cornette wasn
Jim Cornette wasn't happy with Tony Khan due to what happened on AEW Rampage

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette has blasted AEW president Tony Khan for allowing young star Julia Hart to take an unnecessary table bump in the "Grand Slam" edition of Rampage.

During the closing stages of the no disqualification match between Sting and Darby Allin against the House of Black, The Great Muta came to Sting's rescue by spraying mist into the eyes of Buddy Matthews, who then accidentally knocked Julia Hart off the apron and through a table on the outside.

However, the bump did not go as planned, as Hart only caught a small portion of the table and instead hit the back of her head on the floor, causing many to be concerned for her health.

People were angry at this botch, with Jim Cornette being one of them, even stating on his "Jim Cornette Experience" podcast that Tony Khan should take responsibility since he signed off on it in the first place.

“If what she had tried to do went right, it was stupid, and I’m not saying she was stupid I’m saying it was stupid for that to be allowed for any producer or if Tony [Khan] wants to claim that he’s the booker, then the responsibility rests on him.” [1:43-2:00]

Cornette also questioned why anyone would want to join AEW since the wrestlers take so many risks that some may even end up seriously injuring themselves.

"Does anybody want to go to AEW regardless of whether the WWE’s interested in the them or not if you go to AEW and within six months end up in a g** d*** iron lung or paralyzed or in a body cast or with artificial body parts? I’ve never seen anything like this, and poor Julia Hart trended on Twitter this morning for whatever she was thinking last night [Friday].” [0:02-0:36]

Julia Hart seems to be doing okay following AEW Rampage

While the bump that Julia Hart took looked like it hurt, it seems as if she didn't sustain any serious injuries, and has since been active on social media in high spirits, including showing off a new tattoo.

She also managed to poke fun at the table bump with her House of Black stablemate Brody King, who jokingly stated that Julia and her hat were fine following AEW Rampage, which Hart later confirmed.

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