"He is a mark for himself"- Legendary manager Jim Cornette savagely criticizes popular AEW figure

Jim Cornette is a well-known wrestling personality for his critical remarks!
Jim Cornette is a well-known wrestling personality for his critical remarks!

Jim Cornette has lambasted AEW's flagship show commentator, Excalibur, for being egotistical.

While speaking on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling manager bluntly stated that Excalibur wearing his mask on AEW programming is nothing but a detriment to the promotion. He added that the commentator is an attention seeker who wants people to know about his wrestling career.

Jim Cornette even took a shot at backstage announcer Alex Marvez for not being good at his job:

"I fault Excalibur, not for his work that he's doing, but for the fact that he is so egotistical that he has kept that mask on to the detriment of the show and the promotion, and everybody he comes in contact with, just because he has such a mark for himself. He wants people to know that 15 years ago, he used to wrestle on outlaw shows in a barn. I fault Marvez not for being rotten, but for doing this, knowing that he's rotten. It's not right for the company or the talent or the program, either for the idiot announcer to be wearing a mask when nobody has ever heard of him before or for the interviewer to be this bad," Jim Cornette said.

Excalibur may not be a popular wrestling figure, given that his wrestling career ended prematurely owing to multiple concussions. But he has every right to put his mask on, even at his job. There's nothing wrong with wearing a mask since he admires that persona.

AEW has lined up a loaded card for this week's Dynamite

AEW made history last week when they produced the Grand Slam episode of Dynamite and Rampage, giving a four-hour action-packed contest to wrestling fans.

The company will now look to capitalize on its momentum by delivering another eventful show on Wednesday. Ahead of this week's episode, Tony Khan has already announced multiple beef-settling feuds.

Miro will defend his TNT Championship against Sammy Guevara. In another singles match, Adam Cole and Jungle Boy will lock horns for the first time. A tag team match pitting Dante Martin and Matt Sydal against Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson will also take place.

And last but not least, Tay Conti and Anna Jay will face The Bunny and Penelope Ford in another tag team contest this week.

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