"Cra**y rip off" - AEW star responds after being compared to The Fiend 

The Fiend is a former WWE Champion.
The Fiend is a former WWE Champion.

AEW star Abadon recently issued a hilarious response after a fan compared her to The Fiend, saying she's a "cra**y rip off of" the former WWE Universal Champion.

Abadon is one of the most unique and terrifying characters not just in All Elite Wrestling but in all of wrestling. Due to her zombie-like persona, she has often been compared to one of the most successful supernatural characters of the last decade, The Fiend, a character portrayed by former WWE star Bray Wyatt.

Is Abadon Scarier than the Fiend??

A few hours back, a Twitter user pointed out that Abadon is nothing but a copycat of The Fiend gimmick. While one would expect the AEW star to respond angrily, she instead put out a hilarious response.

She tweeted that the fan should have insulted her the "right" way by terming her a "cra**y rip-off of Resident Evil," a popular video game series, instead of The Fiend.

"First of all, cra**y rip off of Resident Evil, if you are gonna insult me do it right," tweeted Abadon.
Abadon's response to a fan comparing her to The Fiend.
Abadon's response to a fan comparing her to The Fiend.

You can check the uncensored tweet here.

While Abadon is still active, The Fiend gimmick is in the history books as Bray Wyatt was shockingly released from WWE last year.

Abadon has challenged for the AEW Women's Championship twice

Though she isn't featured as prominently as other top stars in All Elite Wrestling's women's division, Abadon's impressive record in the company speaks for itself. She has competed twice for the AEW Women's Title, most recently on October 27th edition of Rampage, where she lost to Britt Baker in a Trick or Treat match.

Abadon mostly features on the YouTube exclusive shows Dark and Dark: Elevation, where she rarely loses. Since AEW recently introduced the TBS Championship, fans can expect many performers to benefit from increased screentime, one of whom could be the highly talented, Abadon.

What do you make of the comparisons between The Fiend and Abadon? Sound off in the comments section below.

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