AEW's Devil angle might be a copy of an 11-year-old storyline, and his real identity could stun fans, says WWE legend

The Devil
The Devil's lackeys attacked MJF on Dynamite.

The narrative unfolding around The Devil is one of the best things currently in AEW, and Bully Ray reveals the storyline is quite similar to his Aces and Eights angle from TNA.

Bubba Ray Dudley became the vicious heel "Bully Ray" thanks to the Aces and Eights storyline that dominated TNA's programming in 2012-13. The faction was introduced to the audience as masked attackers, and their identities were kept secret for some time.

While reviewing Dynamite on Busted Open After Dark, Bully Ray claimed he saw many similarities between The Devil and Aces and Eights.

AEW's masked figure has also unleashed attacks on other talents, and he also seems to have a team. Here's what Bully Ray highlighted about The Devil story possibly being a rehash of Aces and Eights:

"I'm sorry, people, but I'm going to detach myself for a second. But I'll be damned if this did not have the Aces and Eights story written all over it. This really had Aces and Eights written all over it, which I have no problem with. If you're going to take stories from the past, and you're going to rehash them, not doing it exactly the same way, you're going to rehash them and put your twist on it or your turn on it. I'm totally fine with that." [7:30 - 8:12]

The Aces and Eights was a very successful idea for TNA as it helped establish Bully Ray as a heel world champion. As the president of the faction, Ray was a top name in TNA at the time, and he recalled it paid great dividends for the company.

One of the biggest aspects of the story was how Bully Ray tricked the babyfaces by initially coming out to save them from the masked Aces and Eights. It was only later that Ray was revealed as their leader.

The WWE Hall of Famer noted that AEW could similarly unveil Samoa Joe as the Devil, as the veteran star came to MJF's aid on this week's Dynamite.

"If I had to guess right now, I would say that Samoa Joe is the Devil because the guy who always made the save in the Aces and Eights angle was the actual bad guy." [8:13 - 8:50]

Bully Ray expects to see some good twists in AEW's Devil saga


The tag team wrestling icon clarified that AEW might not be directly copying the Aces and Eights concept and hoped that was not the case.

Bully Ray put MJF over in a huge way and expected the AEW World Champion to live up to all the expectations from a creative standpoint. As every fan wants it, Ray also wished All Elite Wrestling would build towards the revelation of who is behind the disguise and not mess it up.

The veteran added:

"Now, they are probably not copying this. I hope not. Max is smart. The creativity that Max puts into these things, I have a lot of respect for. I'm sure there are going to be swerves and dips just like the Aces and Eights angle, and we hope in the end we get a big reveal." [8:51 - 9:20]

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