AEW star Eddie Kingston blasts WWE after Dynamite went off the air

No one saw that coming!
No one saw that coming!

AEW star Eddie Kingston has taken several jibes at WWE after this week's Saturday Night Dynamite went off the air.

On the latest episode, Kenny Omega successfully defended his AEW World Championship against Jungle Boy in what was one of the best main events in the company's recent memory.

After the match, Omega tried to assault Jungle Boy with his championship belt, but WWE legend Christian Cage came down to the ring and laid his hands on The Cleaner.

The chaos began when Matt Hardy, Private Party, and the Young Bucks joined the party to take down Captain Charisma. The heels stood tall as the show ended.

Eddie Kingston hit the ring after the show went off the air and asked fans to applaud Jungle Boy for his tremendous performance. Kingston then thanked the AEW universe while also taking a few jibes at WWE:

"Because the competition sometimes doesn’t want to hear there fans. Oh, I guess I’m burning another bridge β€” surprise. Ladies and gentlemen, AEW cares about their fans. Because we are not here just to get ourselves a paycheck. We’re here every week β€” with you people, without you people β€” and we come out here and we bust our asses. We love professional wrestling!," said Eddie Kingston (H/T-WrestlingInc).

AEW's Eddie Kingston further added that no other company treats their legends as respectfully as they do. He also said that fans will not witness a fabulous main event in other companies, like WWE:

"You saw a match between Kenny Omega and my dude, Jungle Boy, that you will not see on the other channel. You will not see legends who are respected on the other channel. You will not see people like me and my best friend (Penta) on the other channel. And you will not see the heart that everybody in that locker room has on the other channel. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m was supposed to send you home happy, but I’m speaking from my heart. The bottom line is this: We are AEW. We will see you Wednesday, and we want to hear you!,” said Kingston (H/T-WrestlingInc).

Kingston concluded the segment by stating that he expects fans to be energetic when AEW Dynamite returns to its original Wednesday Night slot next week.

Eddie Kingston says he doesn't watch WWE anymore

Eddie Kingston once received an offer from WWE!
Eddie Kingston once received an offer from WWE!

Eddie Kingston recently revealed that he stopped watching WWE a few years ago because he feels that as a competitor one shouldn't look at other companies, it will only make one feel worrisome about his own work.

He only prefers to concentrate on improving his own skills. However, he does watch major pay-per-views like Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.

Do you think Eddie Kingston was right about taking jabs at WWE? Do you agree with Kingston's perspective about not watching other wrestling companies? Sound off in the comment section below.

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