AEW TNT Champion Scorpio Sky announces injury, gives details on severity

TNT Champion has unfortunately joined the ranks of injured wrestlers.
TNT Champion has unfortunately joined the ranks of injured wrestlers.

AEW has yet another injury, and this time it's the reigning TNT Champion Scorpio Sky. Scorpio recently took to Twitter to reveal that he went into Rampage with a bad knee, and the match worsened the injury.

Sky recently defended the TNT Title on past Friday's Rampage. In a well-received main event, the high-flying Dante Martin pushed the champion to his limits.

The champion detailed his injury on Twitter and how it affected the entire match:

"I went into last nights match with my knee bothering me and unfortunately in the opening minutes I strained a muscle that goes from my knee up through my groin. My right leg was useless from then on."
"Despite that, wrestling in SoCal felt amazing even on one leg. Hopefully nothing serious and I’ll be back to defend again soon."

Scorpio Sky now, unfortunately, joins the growing list of wrestlers injured over the past two weeks. However, based on what Sky said, his injury won't take him out for too long.

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CM Punk and Cody Rhodes will be out for months as they recover from their respective injuries

During the same Rampage episode, the newest AEW World Champion, CM Punk, broke the news about his injury. Due to the severity of Punk's injury, an interim World Championship Tournament will be held.

Similarly, Cody Rhodes announced a pectoral muscle injury after hurting himself during workout. Rhodes still appeared at last night's WWE Hell in a Cell, although his chest is swollen and red.

It's unfortunate and shocking that so many wrestlers are picking up injuries. Fans will have to be patient as their favorite stars recover before returning to the ring.

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