"He was super giving that day" - AEW star recalls life-changing match with Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega as AEW World Champion in 2021
Kenny Omega as AEW World Champion in 2021
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AEW star Alan Angels has opened up about one of the earliest matches of his current stint, which came against Kenny Omega.

Angels made his AEW debut against Lance Archer on the April 08 episode of Dynamite in 2020, which the latter won easily. Shortly after the match, Angels went on to face Kenny Omega. Despite being relatively new to the roster, the upstart put on an impressive performance against Omega.

Speaking on the Missing The Marks podcast, Angels looked back on his match with The Cleaner, stating that it was one of the most significant bouts of his entire career.

"Everyone says (it was 10 minutes), it was actually like six minutes and 30 seconds. The funny thing is, we were actually slated for four (minutes), which is the crazy part because we went way over, but if anybody can go over, it's him [Kenny]. I met up with him, we started talking about the match, originally, we planned a four minute match, but then he kept adding stuff that he wanted to do and I was like, 'I don't think this is going to be four minutes,' but I'm not going to say no because this is my chance. Once we planned it all, we went out there and just did it. It went about six minutes and 30 seconds." said Angels (H/T Fightful).

The 24-year-old went as far as saying that he owes his career to the former AEW World Champion.

Everybody says, 'he went ten minutes with Alan Angels,' it was only six minutes, guys, come on. He was super giving that day and I owe my career to, I have four people in mind that I owe my career to, and he's definitely on the list," he said. "A lot of negativity towards that match, but a lot of positive stuff, too. I definitely got more bookings out that and I got a job out of it. I'm not mad about it." said Angels (H/T Fightful).

A the end of the day, I still love & support AEW. I am proud to be a fan and I enjoy interacting with the wrestlers, & other fans.Now, here is a pic of Alan Angels vs Kenny Omega cause I want another match with them in the future! 😁🀩πŸ”₯

Kenny Omega and Alan Angels would have a rematch 19 months later

After siding with The Dark Order, Alan Angels would find himself involved in the long-running saga between Hangman Page and The Elite.

In the build-up to Kenny Omega's match with Page at Full Gear 2021, Omega and Angels would meet once more. Kenny Omega came out on top once again in a highly competitive bout.

Kenny Omega vs Alan Angels874K Viewers & 463K in 18-49🚨#AEWDynamite's PEAK in the key 18-49 demo🚨This is especially impressive considering the match was between 5:00PM & 5:15PM on the West Coast#AEW #AEWRampage

The Dark Order member took on Andrade El Idolo in his most recent match on AEW Dark: Elevation. Meanwhile, Omega has been out of action since 2021 due to multiple injuries. During his last match, The Cleaner lost to Hangman Adam Page at Full Gear with the former's AEW World Championship on the line.

With a promising career ahead, it will be interesting to see how the young AEW star is booked moving forward.

When do you think Kenny Omega will return? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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