Amanda Huber clarifies Brodie Lee's cause of death, reveals who was there when he passed away 

Brodie Lee passed away back in 2020
Brodie Lee passed away back in 2020

It's been more than a month since former WWE and AEW star Jon Huber, who was also known as Brodie Lee, passed away. The larger than life superstar was loved by so many members of the wrestling business and there have been many heartbreaking reactions to his untimely death.

His wife Amanda Huber recently appeared on the AEW Unrestricted Podcast where she was able to give a complete timeline of her husband's last few weeks from the day he realized that he was ill.

In the beginning, it started as what Brodie Lee believed to be COVID-19 when he couldn't finish a workout, before being diagnosed with bronchitis and allergies. It was around this time that Brodie Lee himself was worried about COVID-19 and AEW's doctors didn't want to risk allowing the star into the company's support bubble, despite the fact that he had tested negative numerous times.

Huber said that she believed Brodie Lee's diagnosis was a condition called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, as well as revealing that several of his WWE and AEW friends were by his side to say goodbye.

"Cody and Big E came up to the hospital, got to see Jon on his final day because with comfort care you're only allowed one visitor in the hospital but once you get move to end of life care, you're allowed more visitors to come say goodbye. Mega and Margaret came...Cody and Big E came up, got to see him.[Shawn] Spears, Tyler Breeze, and Spears wife Cassie [Peyton Royce] are three of my, our best friends, Jon and I, I called them that day."

Cody Rhodes and Big E were there when Brodie Lee Jr was told about his father

Amanda also revealed that Cody and Big E were also there when Brodie Lee Jr was told about his father.

"I called them both on Christmas day [Big E and Cody Rhodes] and I said I have a huge favor to ask of both of you and if you want to say no, you can say no. I want you guys to be with me when we tell Brodie."

Amanda also went on to note that many people believed that Lee had COVID throughout his illness to the point where she even has pictures of herself wearing PPE in order to be able to go into the same room as her husband.

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