Arn Anderson confirms his son has signed a developmental contract with AEW

Arn Anderson
Arn Anderson

AEW star and pro-wrestling legend Arn Anderson recently confirmed his son, Brock Lunde, is under a developmental contract with AEW and is learning from some of the brightest minds in the promotion.

In the latest episode of his ARN podcast, Anderson said his son is in the AEW locker room with giants of the business like Dean Malenko, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Jerry Lynn, and more, listening to their stories and acquiring knowledge.

"[Brock] has been signed to a developmental contract and he’s continuing to train. “He is at all the TVs and he’s been around the coaches room, he hangs out a little bit during the day and he has the opportunity to be in the room with Dean Malenko, Dustin Rhodes, myself, Jake The Snake Roberts, Jerry Lynn. All sitting around bullshitting but you can imagine the number of years of experience and stories he’s getting to hear sitting in that room and the knowledge he can acquire just listening." (H/T - WrestingINC)

Arn Anderson was all praise for his son, applauding his work ethic and dedication towards the business. While Anderson also mentioned that he will not receive any special treatment in AEW, he's hopeful people will like his son for the talents and skills he possesses.

“He’s a real student of the business, he watches everything, listens to podcasts and he really works hard in the gym, he has certainly by-passed me. He’s picking up the basics and fundamentals, when he’s ready to debut, we’re always super critical of new talent that we see. Wrestling fans are fair but judgemental, they will judge him accordingly. He won’t be without training and having paid some dues. He’s not going to get any special treatment and I think you’ll be happy with the product you see. I’m real proud of his success so far.”

Arn Anderson has been a valuable addition to AEW so far

Arn Anderson's role as head coach and personal advisor to Cody Rhodes has been appreciated by AEW fans. Tony Khan's promotion is known for using the legends of the business in a resourceful manner, and Anderson's case is no different.

During last week's AEW Dynamite, Arn Anderson served as the special enforcer in the exhibition match between fellow Nightmare Family members Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall.

However, the match ended with Marshall laying down Anderson and then introducing his own stable to take down the existing members of the Nightmare Family.

What do you think about Arn Anderson's son joining AEW? Are you excited to see him in the squared circle? Let us know in the comments section below.

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