Blackpool Combat Club member diffuses intense segment between Jon Moxley and WWE veteran on AEW Dynamite

Jon Moxley
Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley lost his AEW World Championship at the main event of the Full Gear pay-per-view. One of the primary reasons he lost was the involvement of fellow Blackpool Combat Club member William Regal. Tonight on Dynamite, the former champion was determined to get some answers.

At the Full Gear pay-per-view, Moxley defended his title against MJF in the main event. After some back and forth, the three-time champion was on the verge of retaining his title, but William Regal handed his infamous brass knuckles to MJF, which he used to knock out Moxley and win the AEW World Title.

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Regal came out to address the crowd as Dynamite kicked off tonight. He mentioned that he and MJF had this discussion a few weeks ago, but he will let the new world champion talk about that next week.

Moxley then walked out. He was filled with rage, and as he entered the ring, another faction member, Bryan Danielson, walked out and tried to convince the former champion not to do anything that he would later regret.

After calming down, Jon Moxley stepped up to Regal and asked him to leave and never return.

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The WWE veteran listened and left the ring. Things may have settled down for now, but next week the wrestling world will know the exact reasons Regal sided with MJF as the Champion returns to Dynamite.

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