CM Punk tells a never-before-heard Tracy Smothers story (Exclusive)

CM Punk shared an amusing story involving Tracy Smothers
CM Punk shared an amusing story involving Tracy Smothers

CM Punk has been in the wrestling business since 1999, so he probably has a plethora of amusing and interesting stories.

Sportskeeda Wrestling's Kevin Kellam had the opportunity to speak to CM Punk,, and the new megastar of AEW spoke about Tracy Smothers, the first name CM Punk wrestled with. The Second City Saint shared an anecdote involving Smothers and what it taught CM Punk.

"Ricky Rabies is Tracy Smothers you know and we lost Tracy a couple of years ago and he was the first name I ever wrestled, maybe. I wrestled Tracy Smothers in a barn in Southern Indiana in 1999 or 2000, something like that. And he just walked up to me, he's like 'hey man I seen you work, you're good, listen, uh, I can't remember s**t you know, is it okay we just go out there and do it, I can't memorize this and that, we can talk about it but I'll just forget it.' So I just go out there and I was terrified because at that stage of my career I would have to sit down with you and be like you want to do this and then I'll be this and then we'll go do this so I went out there and Tracy knew what he was doing and I just remember one time in the match he grabbed somebody's nachos and he had this nacho cheese in his hand. Now I'm in Southern Indiana, there's no shower, there's no nothing. I drive from Chicago all the way down there, five and a half six hours and then we get in the car and we drive back and we're lucky if we get gas money. He's about to hit me with this and he goes 'block and hit me with the cheese brother' [laughs]. I learned how to work because of Tracy Smothers, I only wish he was here to see this ridiculous s**t cause I think he would love it," said CM Punk.

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CM Punk recently returned to professional wrestling, following his stint in the TV show Heels on STARZ. He portrayed a wrestler going by the name of Ricky Rabies, alongside the likes of Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig, among others.

CM Punk and Tracy Smothers share a lot of history together

As mentioned above, Tracy Smothers was the first name CM Punk wrestled. Smothers sadly passed away at the age of 58, and CM Punk paid a heartfelt tribute to him on social media.

Their first match happened in 2001 in IWA mid-south at the House of Hardcore arena in Indiana, and CM Punk emerged victorious. This is the match Punk often reminisces about for having taught him how to work inside a squared circle.

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