"I'm not even on payroll anymore" - Cody Rhodes gives update on his status with AEW

The American Nightmare could soon be on his way out of AEW.
The American Nightmare could soon be on his way out of AEW.

Cody Rhodes has cleared the air surrounding his AEW contract rumors, revealing he's currently working without a deal.

A few days back, a report about The American Nightmare's contract expiration with All Elite Wrestling emerged. Though he hinted at his status earlier following this week's Dynamite, Cody directly addressed the rumors, saying he's no longer under the company's payroll.

After Dynamite went off the air, Cody Rhodes spilled the beans about his future. He added that he's working as part of a "handshake deal" with Tony Khan and Co. at the moment.

“People think that the Sean Ross story is BS. It’s not. I’m working here without a contract. I’m not even on payroll anymore. I’m working here on a handshake deal. That is 100% legitimate,” Rhodes said.

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The former WWE star and Sammy Guevara competed in a brutal ladder match for the Undisputed TNT Championship at the Beach Break special. The two performers opened the show and fought for nearly 25 minutes, putting up one of the best ladder matches in AEW history.

The Spanish God won after punching Cody, smacking the TNT Title across his face, after which he unhooked the two titles. It marked Guevara's first win in singles competition against The American Nightmare.

Dutch Mantell believes Cody Rhodes' contract situation with AEW is fake

Speaking on last week's Sportskeeda SmackTalk, the former WWE manager suggested that Cody Rhodes' AEW deal expiring might be part of a storyline. Mantell stated that Tony Khan might be booking this angle to bring more eyeballs to the company's weekly programming.

Dutch Mantell also thinks that Cody is unlikely to leave AEW as he played a vital role in the company's foundation.

"I think it's just something to get eyes and thoughts on AEW. I don't think that, I mean, he's one of the founders of AEW, just Tony Khan coming along and having the money, putting behind it. But I think they're just working it for what they can get out of it and it will turn into an angle too," said Mantell.

It'll be interesting to see how Cody Rhodes' AEW situation pans out in the coming weeks, which has become one of the most talked-about stories in all of wrestling.

Do you see The American Nightmare leaving AEW and joining WWE anytime soon? Sound off in the comments section below.

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