Darby Allin is open to having Sting as his manager but doesn't know if he's manageable (Exclusive)

Darby Allin and Sting are headed towards a collision course
Darby Allin and Sting are headed towards a collision course

Ever since Sting arrived on AEW Dynamite, the wrestling world has been absolutely buzzing about the icon, and what the former WCW star, at 61 years of age, can possibly do in the promotion.

SK Wrestling caught up with Darby Allin, the man that Sting seemingly chose as his next opponent or protégé, based on which narrative you believe, on AEW Dynamite last week.

Darby Allin talks about WCW icon Sting

You may catch the entire interview with Darby Allin, speaking about Sting, Shaquille O'Neal, and much more in the link below and snippets of the conversation have been posted below for your reading pleasure.


So, was Darby Allin a Sting fan growing up?

"I was a Sting fan, but I never watched WCW or any real, real wrestling like that back in the day, but when I'd go back and watch it, when I was a little older, Sting was one of those guys that captivated me as a performer. He has a lot of interesting traits in himself that I gravitated towards big time."

Anyone who followed Sting's WWE run knows how about his health issues, especially following an ill-fated buckle bomb during his match with Seth Rollins. Much like the rest of the wrestling fraternity, Darby Allin, too, has no clue whether Sting will ever wrestle again:

"I have no clue. I don't know what his health's like. I don't know what he wants to do. But if he wants to get in the ring with me, I'm ready. If he's ready, I'm ready. But I have no clue if he's actually going to be ready. Everything's up in the air."

When it comes to All Elite Wrestling, we have seen former WCW stars such as Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Jake Roberts assume managerial roles. So would Darby Allin be open to the idea of Sting managing him?

"Absolutely. But I don't know what his intentions are. I don't know if he wants to manage me. I don't know if I'm manageable."

Many were upset that a cinematic match between The Undertaker and Sting did not happen in WWE, especially considering that The Phenom embraced the idea with AJ Styles. Could we see Darby Allin vs. Sting in such an environment?

"Like I said, if he's game, I'm game. I have never done a cinematic match, but if you look at my promos, I'm definitely up for the challenge. I guarantee you I'd definitely give the most crazy cinematic match of all time."

As the saying goes- 'the only thing that's for sure about The Stinger is that nothing's for sure'. The next few weeks should be interesting, as we come to realize what the future holds for the legend and for Darby Allin as well. Stay tuned for more snippets from my conversation with Darby Allin on SK Wrestling

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