"How you can compare?" - WCW legend picks Randy Orton and Riddle over two AEW tag teams as the best duo in wrestling today

A veteran has high praise for Orton and Riddle
A veteran has high praise for Orton and Riddle
Sidharth Sachdeva

WCW veteran Disco Inferno recently showered a lot of praise on WWE Superstars Randy Orton and Riddle, also known as RK-Bro.

The Viper has been relishing the time of his life since joining forces with Riddle in early 2021. With two entirely different larger-than-life personas, the two men instantly developed great chemistry on WWE programming.

RK-Bro is also the reigning RAW Tag Team Champions, currently in their second reign, having defeated top teams like AJ Styles-Omos and Alpha Academy.

Speaking on the Keepin' It 100 podcast, Disco Inferno picked Randy Orton and Riddle over AEW's The Young Bucks and FTR as the best tag teams in pro wrestling today:

The WCW veteran also lauded their charismatic personality and promo ability:

"If you ask Meltzer, the Dirt Sheet guys or AEW or the internet wrestling community, right? Who the best tag team in the world is, right now? They'll probably say like either Young Bucks or FTR, right? And I'll say, you know what? I'm watching RK-Bro, and it's like, they work very well in the ring together. They've got a fantastic personality. Like they got a lot of charisma. They do a lot of interviews on TV, long form when they're out there talking for 5-10 minutes and stuff and everything," Inferno said (13:39)

Inferno also asserted that fans and wrestling journalists shouldn't just compare tag teams solely based on in-ring performances. The veteran thinks RK-Bro is one of the most entertaining acts on television right now:

"I don't know, how you can compare? Just guys like, okay, these guys are gonna have a great match, you know, but you're ignoring these other things like mic work, comedic timing and stuff. And like, I'm looking at RK-Bro, dude, they're one of the best acts on TV right now, just because they can work and they have outrageous personality," he added. (14:10)

You can check out the entire episode below:


Randy Orton and Riddle have an uphill task on SmackDown next week

Following a crushing loss to The Bloodline at WrestleMania Backlash 2022, Randy Orton and Riddle confronted their rivals on SmackDown this week.

RK-Bro once again proposed having a title unification match against the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Usos, who quickly accepted the challenge.

The two teams will now collide in a high-stakes encounter on WWE SmackDown next week.

#RKBro lands first strike on #TheBloodline before next week’s Title Unification battle on #SmackDown Full results 👉

Should Randy Orton and Riddle defeat Jimmy and Jey Uso, they will put an end to their 300+ days as the longest SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

But with Roman Reigns likely to be lurking around in hopes of seeking revenge from Riddle, who kneed him in the face, there could be inevitable ramifications for the latter's actions.

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Did you know a major backstage fight erupted during WrestleMania 32? More details right here.

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