"He backed himself into a corner" - Former AEW World Champion slams Jim Cornette for his string of 'hateful' remarks

Jim Cornette is a former WWE manager
Jim Cornette is a former WWE manager

AEW and WWE have come under fire from Jim Cornette on several occasions in the past. However, in a recent live stream, Kenny Omega criticized the veteran for his negative remarks. He speculated that Cornette has been playing a character on his podcast, and if he changes, he'll end up losing his revenue and fanbase.

Jim Cornette is known for his many nicknames for various AEW stars, ranging from hilarious to offensive to others. He's also had issues with Omega in the past as the two infamously engaged in a back-and-forth Twitter spat.

During a recent appearance on CEOGaming's Twitch Channel, The Cleaner gave his take on Cornette.

“I think Jim Cornette has backed himself up into a corner where, now, he’s found this group of extremely pathetic human beings who have no other thing to aspire to become. And all he has to do is sit and talk on a podcast with some other guy,” Omega said.
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Omega jokingly stated that Jim Cornette wouldn't be able to buy double cheeseburger meals without his character.

“When he realized he could make money by delivering hateful speech, he backed himself into a corner, and now, if he wants to make rent, if he wants to buy his fancy McDonald’s double cheeseburger meal, he has to talk about the things that are going to get attention and a lot of the time, that’s going to be your’s truly.” - (H/T: WrestlingInc)

Cornette is known for his stint as a heel manager and authority figure, as seen during his storied career.

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The former AEW World Champion stated that he might be done with wrestling if he sustains another injury

During the same stream on Twitch, Omega discussed the long and challenging recovery process behind injuries and the weight of fan expectations.

"If I get another major setback, that's it. That's it, I'm done, I can't do this ever again. You see people, they come back to the ring and you're just happy to see them back. There's a different kind of expectation put on me, and I think anything less than what they are expecting is going to lead to a lot of ridicule," Omega said. (H/T: Fightful)
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The Cleaner is arguably one of the biggest names on the AEW roster, and the pressure on him to perform at a high level is seemingly immense. It will be interesting to see when he returns to active competition.

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