"The thing about a super villain" - Former WWE star sends a menacing message to the new TNT Champion Wardlow

Wardlow may have a new rival already!
Wardlow may have a new rival already!

Wardlow's new TNT title may already have a contender, in the shape of a former WWE star.

This latest episode of Dynamite opened with Mr. Mayhem taking the fight to Scorpio Sky. In a surprisingly short street fight match, Wardlow was able to powerbomb Sky into oblivion. Although the title defender put up a better-than-expected defense, he proved to be no match for his opponent's raw power.

With the pro-wrestling world still celebrating Wardlow's first title, a fresh contender may already have placed a stake in the prestigious TNT belt. Lance Archer (fka Vance Archer in WWE) took to Twitter to send an ominous message to Wardlow just hours ago.

"The thing about a super villain. Is we learn from our defeats. And one day you can call me Doomsday!"

You can check out the full tweet here:

The thing about a super villain. Is we learn from our defeats. And one day you can call me Doomsday!…

Lance Archer has had a less-than-stellar run in WWE and hasn't fared much better in AEW till now either. It should be noted that he had previously battled Wardlow when he was hired by MJF to face Mr. Mayhem during the latter's iconic feud with the Salt of the Earth.

As of now, it remains to be seen whether the message was an empty threat, or if a feud is on the cards for the two heavy-hitters.

The former WWE star's tweet was met with a varied response from fans

Lance Archer's menacing message has seemingly sent his fanbase into a tizzy, as they anticipate a challenge to be extended to Wardlow soon.

A number of Twitter comments to the tweet showcased the excitement of the fans about the potential rivalry.

@LanceHoyt 👀 I hope you're saying what I think you're saying.
@LanceHoyt Rematch betweeen the MurderHawk Monster and Mr. Mayhem?
@LanceHoyt Will we see the Murderhawk @LanceHoyt VS the Wardog for the title ? 🤞

Some fans also made references to the comic book characters Superman and Doomsday, comparing them to Wardlow and Lance Archer respectively.

@LanceHoyt Ha,... Your Doomsday cause he's bootleg superman...🤣🤣🤣

While the Superman-Doomsday comparison may be apt considering the prowess of both AEW stars, it remains to be seen whether Lance Archer and Wardlow will collide in the coming weeks or not.

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