Two former WWE Superstars make surprise debuts on Tony Khan's AEW

Which stars have jumped through the "Forbidden Door" this time?
Which stars have jumped through the "Forbidden Door" this time?

Two more former WWE Superstars have made their way into AEW, spotted during a recent DARK taping.

During the Global Pandemic, WWE released a staggering number of stars, chopping down a bloated roster into only a few notable Superstars. AEW has seemingly added nearly every released star Tony Khan could get his hands on.

Two sets of AEW DARK tapings were recently held on August 21st, at Universal Studios in Florida. During these shows, both former Superstars, Levy Valenz (No Way Jose) and Westin Blake (Wesley Blake), were spotted during the tapings.

"No way! That's @LevyValenz #AEWDark" - @JJWilliams Tweeted.
"Westin Blake made his AEW debut at the #AEWDark tapings tonight." - @WrestlingCovers Tweeted.
Westin Blake made his AEW debut at the #AEWDark tapings tonight.๐Ÿ“ธ [email protected]/JJWilliamsWON

Valenz was released on April 15, 2020, while Blake was released a year later on the same date. It's currently unclear when exactly the episodes of DARK will air, or whether or not these were once-off appearances or their first matches after being signed.

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Parker Boudreaux is the most recent former WWE Superstar to formally make the jump to AEW

During his WWE tenure, Parker Boudreaux was known as Harland. The star notably caught the eye of Paul Heyman himself and reminded many fans of the legendary Brock Lesnar. Unfortunately, Boudreaux was released from the promotion in April 2022 after not meeting the Performance Center's expectations.

Boudreaux then went on to make his debut during an AEW DARK taping and is currently teaming up with Ari (Ariya) Daivari within the Trustbusters.

Parker Boudreaux is #AllElite. Didn't expect that so soon.

Since his debut, the "Brock Lesnar-Lookalike" has garnered a mixed response from fans. Some praising his in-ring ability while others have already questioned his booking.

With the Trustbusters seemingly looking to add more and more stars to their faction, could Westin Blake or Levy Valenz make their way into Daivari's stable?

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