"Fun part of my run there" - 3-time World Champion recalls how Sting and Samoa Joe helped him during their initial days as members of an iconic faction (Exclusive)

Sting and Samoa Joe are currently signed to AEW
Sting and Samoa Joe are currently signed to AEW

Nick Aldis has recalled working with AEW stars Sting and Samoa Joe during their time together in TNA Wrestling (IMPACT).

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of UnSKripted, Aldis claimed that he initially questioned himself while being approached with the idea of the Main Event Mafia.


However, Sting and Kurt Angle helped the 36-year-old star by adding that their version of the Main Event Mafia was going to be different.

"I remember when I was gonna be in it and I remember, 'It can't be right, I'm not there yet.' Then it was Sting and Kurt and stuff that sat me down with the creative team and said, 'No, no, look, here's what we're going for. We don't want it to be the last Main Event Mafia. We want this one to be different, we want this one to be like past, present, future.' And obviously, that's a major major compliment and it was really fun part of my run there because I got the rub," said Aldis. [From 13:28 to 14:18]

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Nick Aldis further explained how Sting and Samoa Joe helped him.

The second incarnation of the Main Event Mafia also consisted of UFC veteran Rampage Jackson. The group was reformed by the returning Sting in 2013, as he feuded with Bully Ray's Aces & Eights. Aldis, formerly known as Magnus, was recruited as the fourth member of the group.

During the same episode, Nick Aldis recalled getting the "rub" from Samoa Joe. He also credited The Icon for speaking up for him.

"It worked, I got the rub from those guys. That was a good example of doing something really helped. I had got the rub from Joe, like totally got the rub from Joe leading up to that and that was sort of the continuation of where it was like, 'Okay, you got the rub from Joe. You kind of held his own, okay now let's go a step further.' A lot of that was Sting, Sting always spoke up for me," added Aldis. [From 14:20 to 14:46]
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Samoa Joe and Sting are currently part of AEW and are busy with their respective feuds.

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