"He'll be phoning HHH (Triple H) tomorrow" - Twitter reacts to 6-time WWE World Champion's chants during The Elite's hyped return at AEW Full Gear

The Elite made their return at AEW Full Gear

Wrestling fans on social media have been reacting to the chorus of "f*ck CM Punk" chants heard during AEW Full Gear.

The Elite made their long-awaited return from their 'Brawl Out' induced hiatus tonight, challenging for the AEW Trios Championship held by Death Triangle. Although they were unsuccessful in their task, they had the crowd on their side.

So much so that the crowd audibly chanted "f*ck CM Punk", in open defiance of the Cult of Personality after his actions against the Elite at All Out. There were also chants for Colt Cabana, another of Punk's targets in Chicago.

Fans on social media were quick to make their feelings clear as well. Several saw the chants as a potential nail in the coffin of CM Punk's All-Elite career.

Like the user below, for example, who boldly predicted that Punk would be WWE-bound after tonight's antics.

Crowd chanting f#ck CM Punk He'll be phoning HHH tomorrow!!#AEWFullGear
F*** #CMPunk chants #AEW #AEWFullGear
CM Punk at Home watching #AEWFullGearand hearing the “F*CK CM PUNK” chants
Typical fickle wrestling fans. A “f*ck CM Punk” chant followed by a Colt Cabana chant. 6 months ago….ehh never mind. #AEWFullGear
I’m afraid you are finished @cmpunk
Loud “Fvck CM Punk” chants 😳 #AEWFullGear
Loud “Fvck CM Punk” chants 😳 #AEWFullGear
@WrestleOps A year ago it was ‘ we miss cm punk’ now everyone has turned on him, hope he goes back to WWE and has a one off match with stone cold☺️

Punk and the Elite were involved in a backstage altercation following All Out's press conference, where the former slated The Elite, Colt Cabana and Hangman Page. They were all suspended in the wake of the brawl, and had their trios and world titles stripped from them.

Although The Elite have now returned, the same is not the case for Punk.

Did you hear the expletive chants at AEW Full Gear? Join the discussion in the comments section below.

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