"He’s the father figure I've always needed" - Former WWE star's son explains why he chose Christian Cage over Darby Allin

Christian Cage is the hottest heels in wrestling right now
Christian Cage is the hottest heels in wrestling right now

Former WWE star Buddy Wayne’s son, Nick Wayne, revealed it all on AEW Collision tonight. While cutting an impassioned promo, he referenced Christian Cage as the father figure he always wanted.

He also threw shade at his former best friend Darby Allin and took us down memory lane about what happened during his childhood.

“I've known Darby ever since I was 8 years old. He is like the older brother I never had. And then one day in 2015, he just got up and left. For all those years, when I was 10 and 11 years old, I always wondered when was Darby gonna come back. When is Darby gonna reach out to me again. I did this on my own and it felt like I was in the shadow of Darby Allin. It was always Nick Wayne and Darby Allin. Just like it was always Adam and Christian Cage.” (0.00-0.27)

He then continued and said that he had learned a lot in just one week under the guidance of the former WWE World Champion.

“Darby Allin, for all that time you've abandoned me, I knew the best way to get back at you. From all that missing time you left me, was to join your biggest enemy, Christian Cage. And in just one week, in this last week, I've been under Christian Cage’s learning tree; I realized that he’s the father figure I've always needed. And because you weren't there for me, I don't need to be there for you.” (0.30-0.55)

It will be interesting to see the kind of influence the former WWE star has on young Nick Wayne. The TNT Champion is currently the hottest heel in the wrestling world, and that will no doubt rub off on his young protege.

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