"I was nervous" - Christian Cage on his AEW debut at Revolution

Christian Cage had some nerves before his AEW debut at Revolution.
Christian Cage had some nerves before his AEW debut at Revolution.
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Christian Cage looked calm, cool, and collected when he appeared at Revolution to sign his AEW contract. But in reality, he was nervous.

On this week's edition of Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, she had Christian Cage on as a guest the day following his AEW debut to talk about a variety of topics. When the subject of his debut came up, he had no problem telling Paquette that he was nervous.

"Let me be honest with you. So, when I did the Royal Rumble, like, what a month ago at this point. I was not nervous at all, and I hadn't wrestled in seven years. When I walked out of that trailer to go out last night, I was nervous."

"Am I gonna like even live up to what people are expecting" - Christian Cage details his emotions leading up to his on-air debut at AEW Revolution

When asked why he was nervous for his AEW debut but not his in-ring return at the WWE Royal Rumble, Christian Cage attributed it to a variety of factors. Namely, being "the new kid in class" and the fact that the announcement of his arrival was hyped so much he was worried if he could live up to it.

"I don't know, I just -- it's because you're in a new environment. The show started at eight o'clock, and I think I got to the venue after seven o'clock definitely, you know, straight onto a bus and didn't get a chance to see anybody or meet anybody and you're just kind of like the new kid in class. It's kind of been this announcement had been hyped up and kind of took on a life of its own. You're kind of like, oh my god, am I gonna like even live up to what people are expecting here and so yeah just all these nerves and I think just the anticipation getting out there and kind of getting started."

Luckily, just looking at him it was not obvious that Christian Cage was nervous in any way and his AEW debut is considered by many fans to be a massive success. Cage is scheduled to appear on AEW Dynamite tomorrow night where he will speak to the AEW fanbase for the very first time.

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