"In 2023 Sting will arrive in WWE again" - Wrestling fans argue about the Hall of Famer's future after allegedly being misused in AEW

There was surprising discourse over the Hall of Famer

Fans have gathered on social media to reminisce about the WWE debut of AEW star Sting at Survivor Series in 2014.

The Icon had been perhaps the biggest name to have never stepped inside WWE until he shockingly appeared at the November event. His appearance came in the main event of Survivor Series as the Authority were seconds away from defeating Team Cena with the former's power on the line.

With Dolph Ziggler left to fight against the odds, the rest of his team eliminated and himself outnumbered, Sting came to the aid of the Showoff and attacked Seth Rollins and Triple H.

The Architect and The Game would later be Sting's only two singles opponents in the company. The Icon first lost to Triple H at WrestleMania 31 and later failed to unseat Rollins for the WWE title at Night of Champions 2015.

With his debut coming eight years ago, discussions between fans on Twitter arose. There was even some surprising discourse between fans opining that he had been better treated in WWE than AEW, and of course, some others claiming the opposite to be true.

The user below, for example, boldly proclaimed that the Icon would be making his return to WWE next year.

In 2023 Sting will arrive in WWE again The Icon against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania??…
@WrestleOps @WWE Unironically, Sting actually looks far better in AEW than he did in WWE.
@WrestleOps @WWE Then WWE does nothing with sting ...wasn't he 0-3?So AEW should put the world title on him....even if it's for
@WrestleOps @WWE Amazing debut followed by some of the worst booking imaginable
Lmaooooo my favorite survivor series match ever…
If this was the only thing Sting did in WWE it would have been a good run.…
Surpresing moment in wwe.…
@WrestleOps @WWE That’s not Sting. That’s a picture of Sting
Sting should've had a better run in WWE than he did, and the way that run ended was terrible. This appearance at Survivor Series was iconic, so to speak, and should've been the beginning of great things.…
@WrestleOps @WWE Sting was used better in WWE than AEW
@WrestleOps @WWE and they did nothing with it and even worse wasted Stings only Mania match
@WrestleOps @WWE @Sting should not have lost to HHH!!
@WrestleOps @WWE One of my favorite moments in WWE history. Sadly it was ruined by Triple H defeating him.

Outside of the surprising debate, a number of fans maligned the fact that Sting would only have a handful of appearances in the company. They further slammed the decision to have The Icon lose to Triple H, especially considering that it was his WWE in-ring debut.

Sting is currently undefeated since he joined AEW in 2020

What made the suggestions that the Icon was better presented in WWE so surprising is the universal adulation of his current run.

Since arriving in AEW, he is undefeated in all battles so far. Darby Allin may have losses in singles action, but next to his mentor he is yet to taste defeat. Their pairing has seen the likes of FTR, the House of Black, and even Bullet Club fall at their feet.

Perhaps the most miraculous aspect of his tenure is that it comes after a heartbreaking end to his WWE career, where he was forced into retirement after a severe injury suffered against Seth Rollins in 2015.

Which company do you feel treated Sting better? Join the discussion in the comments below.

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