Is CM Punk banned from Riot Fest?

CM Punk returned to professional wrestling last month!
CM Punk returned to professional wrestling last month!

Since making his return to professional wrestling last month, CM Punk has grabbed massive social media attention.

Over the years, The Straight Edge Superstar has become a problem for Riot Fest, which is a Chicago-based music festival.

Much to everyone's surprise, the higher-ups have put a foreseeable ban on CM Punk since 2015.

For years, fans have been wondering about the real reason for the ban. No one knows the root cause behind CM Punk's name being mentioned among prohibited items such as Selfie Sticks, Pineapple Pizza, and littering.

However, the issue kickstarted at an event in Chicago in 2015, which saw the former WWE Superstar sneaking his way in to pose with famous American musician Lars Frederiksen of the Rancid band.

It appears that @CMPunk sneaked into #RiotFest to see @Rancid last night...

Only after that moment, Riot Fest put a ban on CM Punk. Many believe it is merely a publicity stunt where both parties have kept it confidential for years.

Regardless of the ban, The Second City Saint has managed to attend the three-day musical event every year, and the entire matter has now become a long-running joke. The festival features special shows from musical bands specializing in hip hop, rock, and punk, as well as alternative rock.

They knew he was banned and snuck him in anyway. Very disappointing.…

CM Punk usually hangs out with Living Colour, who are the brainchild behind The Cult of the Personality theme song, which Punk uses every now and then.

This year's Riot festival is being held from 17th-21st September in Chicago’s Douglass Park. Despite being banned, CM Punk once again surpassed security and showed up at the event. AEW's latest signing clicked photos with the band Living Colour.

Riot Fest later took to their Twitter handle and noted that CM Punk is still banned.

CM Punk will face AEW's Powerhouse Hobbs at next week's AEW Rampage: Grand Slam in New York

Today marks 1 year since my life has changed. Friday 9/24 I make this BIGGEST statement #TownBidness #ImBoutThatActionBoss #AEWRampage #AEW #AEWDynamite

In the upcoming episode of AEW Rampage: Grand Slam next Friday, CM Punk will square off against Powerhouse Hobbs in a singles match.

It will be by far Punk's biggest challenge since his return. Powerhouse Hobbs will have a massive size advantage heading into the bout. Regardless of what happens, the Team Taz member will surely get in the spotlight by getting in the ring with the former WWE Superstar.

What are your thoughts about CM Punk's issue with the Riot festival? Sound off in the comments section below.

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