"Most absurd thing I've seen" - Jim Cornette slams AEW segment involving former WWE Superstar

Jim Cornette slammed the AEW segment

Jim Cornette has slammed an AEW Dynamite spot involving PAC, stating that it was the most absurd thing he has seen.

PAC teamed with his Death Triangle teammates Fenix and Penta Oscuro to take on United Empire's Will Ospreay and Aussie Open this past week. The match saw the trios compete for a spot in the final of the AEW Trios Title Tournament semi-finals.

Featuring a handful of wrestling's best high-flyers, the match naturally boasted high spots and acrobatics aplenty. One of which saw PAC climb from the top rope to the tip of the ring post, before performing a moonsault into Aussie Open who stood below.

The former WWE star had a small margin of failure from such a height and such a small surface area to stand on. He took his time to nail the move but some fans have maligned the fact that he took 32 seconds to do so. Wrestling legend Jim Cornette agreed with the criticism as he questioned the believability of the spot, slamming it as absurd as he posted to Twitter.

"This is the most absurd thing I've ever seen-- WHY WERE THEY STILL DOWN THERE WAITING?" - Jim Cornette via Twitter
This is the most absurd thing I've ever seen--WHY WERE THEY STILL DOWN THERE WAITING?…

Death Triangle would eventually lose to Will Ospreay and Aussie Open, after PAC was attacked by Kip Sabian and Fenix and Penta were left outnumbered.

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks emerged to confront their semi-final opponents, with Kenny cutting a heated promo towards Ospreay.

Did fans agree with Jim Cornette's assessment of the AEW segment?

The wrestling fandom is a cornucopia of opinions, thoughts and feelings towards particular matches. The same can be said for PAC's AEW Dynamite spot, Cornette's criticism found itself echoed by a sizeable majority of commenters.

However, as seen below, there were some who questioned Cornette's judgment as someone who has likewise worked with odd gimmicks.

@TheJimCornette You used to walk around with a tennis racket full-time ....think you should stay out of calling things absurd
@TheJimCornette Isn’t there a 5 count after you get on the top rope? What happened to that?
@TheJimCornette Jim, I have watched wrestling fr nearly 40 years and I get embarrassed when I see stuff like this!
@TheJimCornette Because they knew that he was still going to try the move weather or not they were there.
@TheJimCornette triple h taking over making me realize how hard aew falling off 😭😭

For the most part, however, fans expressed discontent with the spot similar to that of the former Smoky Mountain promoter. Some have suggested WWE's improvement has led them to see AEW's faults. There were also those who felt as though PAC's spot defied wrestling rules, as there is supposed to be a count for a wrestler on the top rope.

What's your stance? Was PAC's moonsault as absurd as Jim Cornette branded it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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