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Joey Janela responds to Jim Cornette's "hateful" comments

Janela had a couple of things to say (Image courtesy: AEW)
Janela had a couple of things to say (Image courtesy: AEW)
Karan Bedi
Modified 20 Sep 2020, 18:09 IST

Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss have been teaming for a while in AEW and have provided some entertaining vignettes. Their in-ring pairing has been interesting and has appealed to some. 

On the other hand, it's also gotten its share of criticism, and Jim Cornette is one of the people who have heavily criticized it. In particular, Cornette and Janela have had their differences in the past, with Cornette not caring for Janela's wrestling ability.

Joey Janela alleges Jim Cornette used a derogatory slur to name his team with Sonny Kiss

David Bixenspan highlighted that "naming of Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss's team" attracted "hateful homophobic & transphobic nonsense" in the comments on Cornette's YouTube video.

Joey Janela retweeted the comments with the following:

"Like I said the dude practices what he preaches against, I listened to the “Naming” of our team and he suggested stuff like “bound for glory xxxx” fxxx him, this run with Sonny has been eye opening on all fronts... Jim is just as bad as these far-right fxxks.. Perish Clown"

This is not the first time that Janela has called out Cornette. He has done so on AEW as well as independent shows.

It'll be interesting what Jim Cornette does in response to Janela's recent comments.

Published 20 Sep 2020, 18:09 IST
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