Jon Moxley beats former WWE Superstar in a brutal match during WrestleMania 38 week

Jon Moxley was victorious at Bloodsport 8
Jon Moxley was victorious at Bloodsport 8

At Bloodsport 8, Jon Moxley defeated former WWE Superstar Biff Busick in a brutal and bloody match. The two men competed in one of the most hard-hitting bouts on the night, with Busick even bleeding after taking a nasty bump on concrete.

Heading into the ring, the announcer said that Moxley was representing The Blackpool Combat Club, a faction recently formed in AEW. The group consists of Moxley, his tag team partner Bryan Danielson and their mentor William Regal.

Throughout the match, Busick was able to showcase his incredible physical strength, catching Moxley with some brutal shots during the contest. However, the former AEW World Champion eventually won the bout after hitting the Death Rider before locking in a Bully Choke.

The final blow saw Moxley hit Busick with a running knee strike for the TKO win. The Death Rider even raised Busick's hand afterward as the two men praised one another for an incredible outing.

During his time in WWE, Busick was known as Oney Lorcan. He was granted his release by the company in November, and since then has competed against wrestlers such as Wheeler YUTA, Low Ki, and Slade on the independent circuit.

On the same day as Bloodsport 8, Busick also faced and lost to Minoru Suzuki at WrestleCon's Mark Hitchcock Memorial Super Show.

Jon Moxley recently formed an alliance with Bryan Danielson and William Regal in AEW

Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson faced off in a violent contest at Revolution last month. Their bout came after Danielson attempted to recruit Moxley for a new faction.

After their match, Mox and Danielson continued brawling before William Regal made his AEW debut to break up the fight. He laid vicious slaps on both competitors to bring them in line, and has now taken both under his wing.

The trio came together and are now calling themselves The Blackpool Combat Club. The Death Rider and The American Dragon have teamed for three bouts so far, most recently taking a victory over the Varsity Blondes.

On the latest edition of AEW Dynamite, Moxley also defeated former Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal.

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