"What I signed is pretty tight" - Keith Lee on stepping through the "Forbidden Door"

Keith Lee making his AEW debut in 2022 (Credit: Jay Lee Photography)
Keith Lee making his AEW debut in 2022 (Credit: Jay Lee Photography)

AEW star Keith Lee has given some inside information on his current contract with AEW. The Limitless One has stated that while the potential is there to work a select amount of dates for other promotions, his main focus is on AEW.

One of the biggest benefits of working for All Elite Wrestling is the ability to work outside the company as well - on the indies, in films or television, and even with major international promotions like AAA or New Japan Pro Wrestling.

For example, Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley have continued working for NJPW alongside AEW while stars like Thunder Rosa have held championships in smaller promotions like Warrior Wrestling.

These possibilities have certainly peaked the interest of Keith Lee, who spoke about his AEW contract in an interview with Bleacher Report:

"It's hard to say because my deal is very exclusive to AEW, and for good reason. But, you know, if something came up that was beneficial for both myself and the company, and also for the potential collaborative companies, maybe I will consider it." (H/T WhatCulture).
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With AEW having working relationships with Japanese promotions New Japan Pro Wrestling and DDT, the potential to work in Japan is something that Lee has definitely thought about:

"The only thing that really comes to mind as a place that I would just want to go, and this is where I was originally going to go before I ever went to the other company, and that's Japan. But even then, it really comes down to what's beneficial, because the exclusivity of what I signed is pretty tight." (H/T WhatCulture).

Keith Lee may have found himself a tag team partner in AEW

On the March 18th 2022 edition of AEW Rampage, Team Taz made their intentions known once again, welcoming Keith Lee to AEW in the most violent way possible.

After beating down The Limitless One with the assistance of The Acclaimed, one of AEW's newest signings came to Lee's rescue.

After @RealKeithLee won in his home state Texas in the #AEWRampage main event, @swerveconfident watched Keith’s back when he was attacked after the bell! After Rampage went off the air Limitless Keith Lee + Swerve Strickland addressed the San Antonio fans!

Armed with a steel chair, Swerve Strickland rushed to the ring as The Acclaimed and Team Taz made a break for it. The two stood tall to close the show and remained in the ring as Lee addressed the crowd in his home state of Texas.

Do you like the idea of Strickland and Lee as a tag team? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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