Kenny Omega's AEW Fight Forever comments "were misunderstood"; Teen rating never in jeopardy (Exclusive)

Kenny Omega has been heavily involved in the development of Fight Forever.

AEW has iterated to Sportskeeda that recent comments made by Kenny Omega about the upcoming Fight Forever game were "misunderstood." It was also stressed that the 'T for Teen' ESRB rating was never in jeopardy.

Fight Forever is the much-anticipated debut PC and console video game title for AEW. It recently emerged in reports that the game failed to attain its desired age rating of 'T for Teen,' potentially explaining a delay in its release. However, Sportskeeda further learned from AEW that this was not the case.

Comments from AEW EVP Kenny Omega appeared to suggest otherwise during a recent appearance on Swerve Strickland's podcast.

"I'm not sure how much we had to scale it back but, like man, I freaking loved it. You could make the ring look like a murder scene if you wanted to," Kenny Omega said. (1:38:18 onwards)

He further said that he hoped that the game wasn't too dumbed down, which appeared to suggest that there had to be some form of change for the rating. Once again, AEW has refuted that to be the case.

It was iterated to Sportskeeda that Kenny's comments "were misunderstood" and that "the game didn't have to be scaled back at all." They understood why the comments were misinterpreted but stressed that the game has always been rated 'Teen' and that it was "never in jeopardy." It was also noted how Kenny has been a huge part of the creative process since the beginning.

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As far as the release date goes, Sportskeeda was told that there isn't one as of yet, but to expect it soon.

Kenny Omega spoke about AEW: Fight Forever not being a simulator game


During his appearance on Swerve's podcast, Kenny was also able to discuss the game's aesthetic and gameplay.

He explained that the title will not be a wrestling simulator akin to the WWE games produced by 2K Sports. The reasoning from his viewpoint was that he felt the Fire Pro Wrestling World franchise did wrestling simulations better than Fight Forever ever could.

"What I will say is that the game is not a wrestling simulator. I'm sure I've said that at some point. I looked at other wrestling simulator games and I know people love them, there is a place for them. But I feel like if we go the simulation route, no one's ever going to do it better than Fire Pro," Kenny Omega said. (1:39:17 onwards)

Fight Forever appears to share a gameplay style more geared in the WWE All-Stars direction, as well as in its graphics. It will even feature arcade-style minigames.

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