Lance Archer explains why he chose AEW over NJPW

Lance Archer
Lance Archer
Uday Maggon

Lance Archer signed for AEW in February 2020, after ending his second stint in Japan. The Murderhawk Monster is one of the best big men in AEW and recently won his first big match in the company, capturing the IWGP US Championship.

Archer had to make a choice between NJPW and AEW, as he revealed on AEW's Unrestricted. He went on to explain why he chose AEW, saying that he was sold on AEW's progress and desire to make a change in the wrestling business. (H/T: WrestlingInc)

"There were a lot of pros and cons, and it took a bit for me to weigh all the goods and bads as far as making that decision,” Archer recalled. β€œA place I’d been in for nearly nine years, a lot of friends and people that had kind of become family over in Japan, and then the opportunity that All Elite Wrestling was providing, All Elite Wrestling was changing the professional wrestling world," Archer said.

Archer went on to explain how he took AEW as a challenge for himself and got the opportunity to be part of something he felt was changing the wrestling world.

β€œSo the opportunity to come back home, to tour the United States, this is prior to anybody knowing what was going to happen in 2020, the new challenges of coming back to the U.S. and being in AEW, a company that was growing and changing the world professional wrestling, all these things were just too enticing and something that I actually wanted to take on. I wanted to bet on myself and be a part of AEW.”

Lance Archer gets statement victory at AEW Fyter Fest

The new IWGP US Champion
The new IWGP US Champion

Lance Archer and Jon Moxley battled each other at AEW Fyter Fest in a violent Texas Death Match for the IWGP US Championship. Archer earned a hard fought victory to banish his big match losing streak in AEW.

Lance Archer has challenged thrice for AEW titles, losing all three matches. He lost the TNT Championship match against Cody Rhodes and Miro and lost the AEW World Championship match to Jon Moxley.

Although portrayed as a monster, the big losses were hurting his credibility. A win over one of the biggest stars in AEW helped re-establish Lance Archer as a credible monster.

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Edited by Greg Bush
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