"Making room for Becky," "ITS TIME" - Fans react after former WWE World Champion quietly departs from AEW

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Former Women's World Champion Becky Lynch [Images via Becky's IG]

A former WWE World Champion recently left AEW quietly. The star in question here is Jake Hager. Fans have now reacted to his departure.

Popularly known as Jack Swagger from his tenure in WWE, the 42-year-old wrestler is no longer on Tony Khan's roster. He was a part of WWE from 2006 to 2017. He joined the Jacksonville-based promotion in 2019.

According to a new report from Bodyslam.net, The All-American American's contract with AEW has expired already. It was also reported that he didn't re-sign with the company, which means he is currently a free agent in the market.

Reacting to the news, fans took to X/Twitter to make their feelings known. They also connected the scenario to the possible arrival of Becky Lynch. Lynch's WWE contract will reportedly end this month and she has seemingly decided to take a break for a while.

One fan was of the opinion that Tony Khan was making room for The Man.

"Making room for Becky, s**ks, but that's the biz," said a fan.

Fans are upset with the fact that Tony Khan didn't book the former ECW Champion properly in the company.

A person commented, "I never thought he could be booked worse than he was in WWE but AEW came in clutch. Hope he goes somewhere where he's used properly."
"A shame they did nothing big for him and he was treated as a side character," another fan said.

Some people also think that the former WWE star will make a great addition to the TNA roster.

"I think Jake Hager would be pretty solid in TNA," tweeted a user.

Dutch Mantell felt Jake Hager wasn't booked poorly in AEW

A few months ago, Dutch Mantell commented on Jake Hager's run in AEW and said that it quite underwhelming. Therefore, he advised him to quit the company and find another job.

"The best thing you [Jake Hager] can do right now is get a job. Quit promotion! Well, Samoa Joe and [Jake] Hager, I don't see anything that's right off the bat. You got to look at chemistry, and you got to go on in. You got to take time with Jack and say I went in there with him, which I wouldn't do because I'm not in condition enough to even get in the ring anymore. But if you brought him back, and I think "We the People," a political gimmick would work," Mantell said.

Hager had some spotlight in the company when he was in an alliance with Chris Jericho and was part of The Inner Circle and The Jericho Appreciation Society. His popularity went downhill when he started his purple bucket hat gimmick.

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