Malakai Black teases recruiting 20-year-old female AEW star into The House of Black 

Could there be a fourth member in The House of Black?
Could there be a fourth member in The House of Black?

Malakai Black recently teased recruiting fellow AEW star Julia Hart into his House of Black faction.

A few days ago, the former NXT Champion took to the Instagram story to upload a picture of one of his hands carrying an eye patch.

While the image disappeared from his Instagram story after 24 hours, a Reddit user luckily took a screengrab of it right before it vanished.

It wouldn't be far-fetched to say that the eye patch belongs to Julia Hart. The latter has been seen wearing it since Malakai Black spat his black mist into the 20-year-old's eyes last year.

Black's recent Instagram story.
Black's recent Instagram story.

This resulted in a singles bout between Griff Garrison and Malakai Black, which the latter won comprehensively.

Soon after, Brian Pillman Jr. became the victim of House of Black. The two collided at the AEW Dynamite TBS premiere in January this year.

Although the storyline between Varsity Blondes and the Dutchman was short-lived, Julia Hart has surprisingly been selling her kayfabe eye injury to this day.

The recent arrivals of Brody King and Buddy Mathews have already strengthened The House of Black.

Should Hart embrace the sinister persona to join the group, it would make the House of Black more terrorizing than ever.

What's next for Malakai Black and his faction?

Since Buddy Mathews' stunning addition, The House of Black has become a force to be reckoned with on the roster. At the Revolution pay-per-view, the group defeated Erick Redbeard, PAC, and Penta Oscuro in a six-man tag team match.

Last week on Rampage, the Malakai Black-led stable bested Fuego Del Sol, Bear Boulder, and Bear Bronson in a trios bout.

As the group continues to assert its dominance in the men's division, it will be interesting to see which team dares to step up against them.

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