Matt Jackson reveals what stopped The Young Bucks from going to WWE

The Young Bucks; Triple H and AJ Styles
The Young Bucks; Triple H and AJ Styles

In their recent interview with TalkSPORT, The Young Bucks talked about several topics, but one of the things that was discussed by Matt Jackson was the reason that The Young Bucks never ended up going to WWE.

The Young Bucks have cultivated a very particular brand during their many years in the wrestling business, and are protective of it. Thankfully for them, working with Tony Khan has worked out, and AEW has allowed them to do what they want to in terms of being creative.

Matt Jackson on working with Tony Khan in AEW instead of WWE

Matt Jackson explained why The Young Bucks had not gone to WWE, as they were worried about what WWE would do with their brand.

"Even then, though, I was so protective of our brand because we had done so much at that point and we’d just done the All In show. So it was still scary to just hand over the keys to someone else and that was probably the biggest reason we didn’t go to WWE at the time because it was like ‘what are they going to do with this?’ We were almost over-protective of what we created. So yeah, meeting this new guy, Tony, was like this guy seems great, but again, we’re just meeting him for the first time and he’s saying all the right things, but there’s still a trepidation. Because we’d been doing this for so long and had struggled for so long and finally we’re finding this success, is now the time to finally hand it over to someone?"

However, they had no reason to worry as Tony Khan did not want them to change, and instead wanted them to keep being themselves. Had they gone to WWE, the situation might have been different.

"But he didn’t want to do that, he wanted us to keep being ourselves because that’s what brought us to the dance. When we heard that, it was reassuring to us. He’s a wrestling fan and to this day, he probably loves wrestling more than anyone I’ve ever met. And he knows more about wrestling than anyone I’ve ever met. It didn’t happen overnight, it took a lot of conversation, speaking to him every day and meeting his dad – which we talk about in the book as well – and realising one, I think this is real and two, I think this is someone I’m comfortable working with on an everyday basis."

Now, The Young Bucks are the AEW Tag Team Champions.

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