MJF's ex-girlfriend Allie Kat takes a jibe at him on Twitter


MJF recently took to Twitter to respond to a fan's tweet featuring artwork of the AEW star. The artwork shows MJF holding a cat, and the young gun wasn't thrilled with the picture one bit.

MJF made it clear that he hates cats. The tweet garnered a response from none other than MJF's ex-girlfriend, Allie Kat. She posted a tweet, stating: "Yeah, we know."

Fans came in droves immediately, with many praising Allie Kat for her clever tweet. AEW star Joey Janela chimed in as well. MJF responded to her tweet with a GIF soon after. Check out the tweets below:

MJF and Allie Kat broke up in June 2019

MJF broke up with Allie Kat in mid-2019, a short while after AEW's first-ever show, Double Or Nothing. She went into detail about the same in a tweet, and it was clear as day that the breakup had been quite hard for her.

“So, you could see how when this same person tells you, ‘I just can’t be in a relationship right now’ it sends your whole world spiraling. Now I have lost my love and best friend, my new family, no financial support, no home, and no where to stay in this new city that I was gaining footing in.”

MJF quickly became one of the hottest acts in All Elite Wrestling. He initially aligned with Cody, even though he showed heel tendencies on occasions. Eventually, MJF turned on Cody and is currently one of the biggest heels in the industry.

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