"There's no 15 to 20 writers backstage"- Paul Wight fka The Big Show explains how AEW is different from WWE

Paul Wight aka the Big Show gets much more freedom in AEW
Paul Wight aka the Big Show gets much more freedom in AEW
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AEW Dark: Elevation commentator Paul Wight, formerly known as The Big Show in WWE, explained how AEW works differently compared to WWE.

The Big Show is a pro-wrestling legend and his move to AEW was a genuine surprise as most believed he was never going to jump ship. After signing with AEW, he went back to being called as Paul Wight, his name in WCW and early WWE days.

Paul Wight aka Big Show joining AEW is a big deal. He's the first of any, including Jericho, to join AEW who I felt was a WWE lifer. Even if that meant not wrestling but being an ambassador. I'll talk more on this live 10:15 pm ET on @WrestlingInc YouTube/Facebook/Twitch.

Paul Wight was interviewed by Adam Glyn at an airport and answered a bunch of questions, including what differentiated AEW from WWE. The World's Largest Athlete cited the creative stranglehold WWE had as a major point of difference. He said:

"I think both products are amazing, I think they're just different products. I think WWE is always going to be the entertainment sports spectacle, the global brand they've worked so hard to be and AEW is more of an authentic wrestling product. You know, there's no 15 to 20 writers backstage at AEW. If you have a promo, you have a promo, if you have a match, you have a match. There's not much upper level handling on what they want during the match and what they are trying to present for the intellectual property that they own."

Paul Wight has a lot more freedom in AEW as compared to The Big Show in WWE

Paul Wight stated that AEW allowed him a lot more freedom as compared to his time in WWE when there was a committee to get anything done.

"Even for me, I'm doing Paul Wight now but I have never had as much freedom as I do now with AEW to do other things. Before when I was in WWE as Big Show, there's a committee to get anything done and that's fine, that's their brand, the way they've built it and I was compensated well for it but I think at this stage of the game it's a lot more fun environment to be in," Paul Wight said.

The Big Show lost to Randy Orton on WWE RAW in his last appearance for the company. Although he joined AEW many months back, he made his in-ring debut at All Out 2021 and took down QT Marshall.


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