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Shawn Spears removed from AEW roster page; Twitter account deactivated

Shawn Spears.
Shawn Spears.
Modified 26 Dec 2020, 07:57 IST

It's interesting to note that Shawn Spears is no longer listed on AEW's roster page on the company's website. The development comes on the heels of Shawn Spears' backstage segment on AEW Dynamite, in which he ranted about his position in the company.

It seems like Shawn Spears' removal from the roster page is all a part of the ongoing storyline. Additionally, Shawn Spears has also deactivated his Twitter handle, with AEW not officially announcing an update regarding the former WWE Superstar's status.

Shawn Spears
Shawn Spears' Twitter handle has been deactivated.

Shawn Spears was not a happy man as he sat down with Tony Schiavone for the interview on the Holiday Bash edition of Dynamite. Shawn Spears said that his fortunes haven't changed despite changing companies, and he blamed Tony Khan and Cody Rhodes.

Shawn Spears, who has been wrestling for 19 years, said that he has all the tools to be the best in any promotion worldwide. However, he has found himself in a hole dug by the AEW management.

"I bet on myself. I left New York. The grass isn't always greener. You can change the three letters, but you can't change the glass ceiling. At least not for me. This (points at his black glove), never needed that. I am more talented than 95 percent of this roster and any other roster on this planet today. I look better. I work better, and I damn sure talk better. So, I don't know why everybody is trying to work me into this thought that I'm not. I'm a very confident individual. If there is any shred of doubt, it's in management, because if you can't find five minutes a week whose got 19 years under his belt, for a guy who checks every single damn box across the board on what's required to be a television star nowadays, then yeah, there is a problem. My confidence is fully intact, despite walking into AEW. Hot as hell, by the way, only to find myself digging a hole for 18 months that Tony Khan and his favorite EVP Cody pushed me into."

Shawn Spears was annoyed by the politics at play, and he noted that he still can't win the big one despite putting in years of hard work.

"Now, I understand how this business works, but damn the politics, man. Okay, I never believed in sucking up or pissing down. I always believed that if I was a good guy, if I did good business, and if I was a professional that eventually someone would go around the room and they'd go, you know what, 'Let's give Shawn a chance.' All that has gotten me is the title good hand, locker room leader, ring general, jobber. It's gotten me nothing. Sure, it will get me around, but I'll never win the big one. I see myself going down the same path that I went down before. I recognize. I see it clear as day, and I'll be damned before it happens again."

I'll come back if I feel like it: Shawn Spears

Tony Schiavone asked Shawn Spears whether the former WWE Superstar thought that he was the problem. Shawn Spears snapped and berated Tony before walking away. Shawn Spears said that he would come back when he feels like it.

"Yeah, I have thought about that actually a lot. Now that you've brought it up, not for a god damn second have I thought that the problem was me. You're a real piece of sh** for saying that. Who the hell do you think you are? I can work anywhere in the world with the talent I have, and I waste my time with guys like you? You tell Tony and all the Executive Vice pricks that I'll come back if I feel like it."

The Shawn Spears storyline has taken an interesting turn, but where is it all heading?

Published 26 Dec 2020, 07:57 IST
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