"Stick to AEW" - MMA legend slams Jake Hager for making tall claims

Jake Hager
Jake Hager

Josh Barnett recently took to Twitter to slam AEW star Jake Hager for claiming that he's a "bigger" star than everyone else on Bellator MMA's roster.

Apart from being a major star in wrestling, Hager is also a well-accomplished MMA fighter, having not lost a single fight in his career so far. His last bout was at Bellator 250 in October 2020, where he defeated Brandon Calton.

In a recent interview, the AEW star stated he was destined to fight MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko and that he wants to retire the veteran star. This didn't sit well with Josh Barnett, who took to the microblogging site to write that just because Jake Hager has more followers doesn't mean he's also skilled.

Barnett further claimed that Hager doesn't even belong in the conversation since he fights only rookies. He ended his tweet by writing that The Inner Circle member should probably stick to performing in AEW.

"No, it's not. Having more followers doesn't mean anything in terms of merit or skill in the ring. You're a green boy who fights rookies. You don't even belong in the conversation. Stick to AEW & getting in a few fights before you eventually lose & then quit," tweeted Josh Barnett.

As expected, the tweet from Josh Barnett led to a full-blown back and forth between him and Hager. The AEW star replied by taking a dig at Barnett's recent failures of passing drug tests required to compete in fights.

"I’ll put a****s in the seats while you put needles in your ass. Pass a drug test BOY and watch me get this fight," tweeted Jake Hager.

Josh Barnett fired back by tweeting that there's no point in Fedor Emelianenko defeating someone who has only won three fights. He further taunted Jake Hager for not possessing any talent inside the cage.

"What's the point of Fedor beating up a 3 fight scrub? I suggest you start putting needles in your a** so that you might show some real talent in the cage. May even give you enough fortitude to not b***h out from a nut shot while you're wearing a cup," tweeted Josh Barnett.

Jake Hager was recently a part of an MMA Fight in AEW

Though Jake Hager has been away from Bellator since last year, he had an opportunity to display some of his MMA chops recently during his Cage Fight against Wardlow on AEW Dynamite.

Despite skepticism from fans, Hager and Wardlow put up a fun fight that ended with the former locking in the Arm Triangle on his opponent to make him pass out and come up victorious.

Do you want to see Josh Barnett come over to AEW and challenge Jake Hager to a fight? Sound off in the comments section below.

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