Teddy Long details the origin of former WWE General Manager's iconic two-worded catchphrase (Exclusive)

Teddy Long opened up on working alongside Vickie Guerrero in WWE
Teddy Long loved working alongside Vickie Guerrero in WWE

WWE legend Teddy Long has opened up about working with former WWE personality Vickie Guerrero in WWE.

Long and Guerrero are both former SmackDown General Managers and have established their places in the industry, courtesy of their incredible on-screen work for WWE.

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's One on One, he spoke about Vickie Guerrero's iconic catchphrase, "Excuse Me."

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Recalling the story, Teddy Long mentioned the origin of the two-worded famous catchphrase.

"So she was so easy to work with and the way we started to 'Excuse Me' is one day we were down at the ring, you know, just watching rehearsals and somebody come by Vickie and she just turn around and like, 'Excuse me' and I just said to her, 'That's it, keep saying that. That's it.' And that's you know how we started doing that. She was just absolutely great to work with," he said. [28:55-29:21]

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"What a sweetheart. I had so much fun with her" – Teddy Long on working with Vickie Guerrero

In the same episode, Teddy Long recently claimed that it was always great for him to work alongside Guerrero. He also said that he primarily cared about the fans regardless of the storyline or angle that was presented to him.

"Oh god, what a sweetheart. I had so much fun with her man, when me and her were doing our deal. And a lot of the stuff that Vicky was doing to me, I told her to do it to me because I said when I'm out there I don't care about being humiliated because this ain't real. So whatever we can do to grab these fans, get ratings, make some money, let's do it." said Long. [28:35-28:54]
Vickie Guerrero rocking that @RheaRipley_WWE "I'm your Mami" shirt! 😳#AEWFullGear #AEW

Vickie is currently signed to AEW, where she is working closely with Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir. The former WWE personality recently accompanied Rose for her TBS Championship Match against Jade Cargill at Full Gear.

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