"That is some bs right there" - Twitter berates Tony Khan for forcefully stripping champion of AEW title on Dynamite

Tony Khan
The AEW President and Head of Creative Tony Khan

Last night on AEW Dynamite, the announcement was made that Tony Khan has decided to strip the Women's Champion Thunder Rosa of her title, thus terminating the 'interim title' and making Jamie Hayter the official Women's Champion. Fans were upset with Khan for making this decision.

Renee Paquette addressed the crowd prior to the women's trios match. She revealed that Thunder Rosa was still injured and unable to defend her title. Thus, Rosa and Khan have agreed that the champion will relinquish her title, thus making the interim champion Jamie Hayter the official champion.

An important announcement from @ReneePaquette regarding the #AEW Women's World Championship!@thunderrosa22 @jmehytr @RealBrittBaker#AEWDynamite Thanksgiving Eve is LIVE on TBS!

The wrestling world was not happy with this decision and felt that it was disrespectful to Thunder Rosa.

Here are some reaction tweets below:

@TonyKhan why did you screw over thunderrosa like that? That is some bs right there.
why you didn’t choose to do it sooner is beyond me but i also don’t like that you did? its oddrosa deserves better…
@JDfromNY206 imagine killing someone's passion as strong as @thunderrosa22 ....@TonyKhan the way you booked her killed her passion. one of the most passionate women in AEW.smh. just smh.
@obeyymarcos7 @JDfromNY206 It was a stupid decision that he made cause he wanna keep ppl happy instead of doing what’s best for business. Much like with the WHC when punk got injured their never should b interim champion in wrestling.
Tony never cared about Thunder so I hope she comes to WWE soon…

People were upset that Khan refused to make this choice when Toni Storm was champion and decided to make the decision only after Storm's reign came to an end. Some even felt this made the Australian's reign as the interim champion pointless.

@AEW @ReneePaquette @thunderrosa22 @jmehytr @RealBrittBaker You know whats really stupid about this? Rosa offered to give up the belt that storm was promised might I add, but nooo, khan had to go with interim for storm and now that shes lost it to hayter, now khan decides to drop the interim and make hayter champ? 🙄
This feels like an elaborate rib on Toni Storm, LOL…
Sooo 2 things! When is Britt gonna a turn?2nd so we’ve had an interim champion forever now for no reason 🤣🤣🤣….…
@AEW Toni Storm after being labeled interim champion her whole reign
@AEW @ReneePaquette @thunderrosa22 @jmehytr @RealBrittBaker So why couldn't you do this during Toni's reign? She held down the fort for almost 3 months and her reign isn't counted as official

Fans hope Toni Storm's reign will also be counted as an official reign.

@AEW Hopefully Toni Storm’s reign is retroactively considered as legit
@AEW @ReneePaquette @thunderrosa22 @jmehytr @RealBrittBaker Please tell me that this makes Toni's reign count too. I'll feel bad if it isn't recognized as well.

While some were upset, the rest of the wrestling world was elated that the 'Interim' title was terminated. They praised Tony Khan for making the decision and wished that this does not return.

@AEW @ReneePaquette @thunderrosa22 @jmehytr @RealBrittBaker About damn time. If Rosa isn’t coming back until January, as she previously state, then it makes all the sense in the world for her to give up the title. Hell, I argue that this should’ve happened a lot sooner. But that’s just me. #AEWDynamite
@AEW @ReneePaquette @thunderrosa22 @jmehytr @RealBrittBaker W now never bring "interim champions" back ever.
Let's go!! Right decision.…
absolutely the best decision…
No more interim, hayter's gonna hate…

Many were glad to see Jamie Hayter as the new and official AEW Women's World Champion.

@AEW @ReneePaquette @thunderrosa22 @jmehytr @RealBrittBaker MAJOR W, JAMIE HAYTER IS OUR CHAMPION, NO MORE INTERIM GARBAGE
Congratulations 🎉 #Champ!! #AEWDynamite…
"Ladies and gentlemen, your NEW AEW Womens World Champion : Jamie Hayter" 💪🏻Finally the interim bs has been DELETED #AEWDynamite…

Tony Khan made another major announcement regarding the women's title during AEW Dynamite

As mentioned earlier, the wrestling world was irate that it was disrespectful towards Toni Storm as she carried the Women's title in Thunder Rosa's absence but was not the official champion but rather the interim champion.

Nearing the end of this week's episode of AEW Dynamite, Excalibur announced that Tony Khan has another major update regarding the Women's title. The update was that since Rosa has relinquished her title, Toni Storm's title run will also be considered to be an official reign.

Toni Storm's reign has officially been announced as a normal title reign. I'm so happy for her.

Following Renee Paquette's announcement, Jamie Hayter went on to team up with Britt Baker in a triple-threat tag team match. A good team effort earned the current and former Women's Champions the victory.

Who would you like to be the first wrestler to challenge Jamie Hayter for her title? Let us know in the comments section below.

Vince McMahon loves a current star. Kurt Angle gave us all the details here.

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