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The Young Bucks on how much longer they can wrestle their style in AEW

Long before AEW existed people questioned how long The Young Bucks could continue their wrestling style.
Long before AEW existed people questioned how long The Young Bucks could continue their wrestling style.
Matt Black
Modified 29 Dec 2020, 03:46 IST

The Young Bucks, Matt, and Nick Jackson will close out 2020 as the AEW World Tag Team Champions. Even with the lingering injuries that Matt has been suffering from in the latter half of the year, the team worked multiple tag matches this year that fans declared as a match of the year candidate.

Some fans, however, worry about how long they will see Matt and Nick Jackson compete inside an AEW ring. The style that the brothers have worked on throughout their careers can create a lot of wear and tear on their bodies and in some cases shorten careers. Luckily, the Bucks don't seem to be too worried about that.

The Young Bucks hope to be able to wrestle their style in AEW for as long as possible

On the latest edition of Sitting Ringside with David Penzer, the AEW World Tag Team Champions sat down with Penzer to discuss a variety of topics. When the subject of how much longer they were going to be able to work their style in AEW, Nick thinks they have a lot more in the tank.

"Maybe seven more years, but who knows, it's hard to say. You know how this business is, it's impossible to say 'no' to things. If I can do seven to ten more years at this rate and do the matches I'm doing now, and if I'm feeling the way I'm feeling now, I can easily do it. I feel good right now, maybe because of the limited schedule. That's probably helped our bodies. This pandemic has healed us a bit by being on the road less and doing matches way less than we were in years prior. I hope I can do this as long as possible."

Matt chimed in about how changing up their in-ring style as of late has probably added longevity to both of their AEW careers.

"I remember breaking in, we had this self-destructive style, that we still do to this day. People told us, 'you're never going to last, you'll never do this past a couple of years.' Fast forward to now we're almost 17 years in the business, doing the same exact style. We clearly know what we're doing, we know our limitations, every risk we take is very calculated. We've even started to simplify things, working in a new finisher -- The BTE Trigger, where we throw two knees instead of Nick having to do a springboard flip onto his butt every night with the Meltzer Driver. We are in that [Michael] Jordan phase of our career where we're not just dunking anymore, we're doing the fadeaway jumper. We know our bodies, we're working smarter, and hopefully, we can do this as long as we want and we quit doing it when we want, not because we're forced out." 

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription of this interview.

Published 29 Dec 2020, 03:46 IST
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